Friday, November 25, 2011

Voodoo #3

Next up, the third issue of Voodoo, and one of Ron Marz last ones on the series. I'm going to come right out and say that I'll be VERY sorry to see Marz off of this title, since he's a more talented writer than most of what's working at DC, especially Scott Lobdell... But enough of that, let's hit the review.

Voodoo #3:

What Happened: Voodoo makes her way to Alabama and meets with her contact, another member of... well, whatever she is. While Voodoo is discussing what their next step should be, Kyle Rayner busts in to investigate the transmissions being sent from Voodoo's contact into deep space. The contact and his associates distract Kyle, allowing Voodoo to make good her escape, but leaving her without a contact. This issue ends with one of the Daemonites from Grifter's series searching for Voodoo.

The Good: Ron Marz getting to write Kyle Rayner again was the best thing about this issue, hands down. The mystery in this series concerning who Voodoo is and what her plans are is actually good and enjoyable, unlike the mystery in Deathstroke concerning that damned suitcase. The story moved REALLY fast. I blazed through this comic in a few minutes. The Daemonite at the end of this one was a pleasant surprise.

The Bad: I don't get why Kyle couldn't simply return to Earth after Voodoo's contact escaped in his spaceship... With that ring on his finger you'd think he'd have been able to track her down with little trouble, but I guess not. Kyle looked rather amateurish this entire issue...

The Verdict: No complaints here. This was a good, solid, fast moving comic book that continued to establish that Voodoo is VERY mysterious. Her meeting with Kyle here was good as it seems to have left her slightly conflicted, as she had only seen the worst in humanity until he came along. While I'm eager to find out more about Voodoo and who/what her people are, I'm not annoyed by the mystery, which makes this series better than Deathstroke in my opinion.

Score: 8 out of 10.Yay, it's Kyle, the way he should be!


  1. movieartman here
    its the 5th or 6th issue i beleive that marz is switched from not this one

  2. Oh yeah, I know that. That's why I enjoyed it so much, because it was probably the last time we get Kyle written by the guy who created him. That was the best thing about this issue for me.

  3. I am finally caught up enough to actually leave a decent comment! I'm really beginning to fall in love with Voodoo. Even though it's only on issue 3, I feel like so much has happened yet the story isn't confusing at all.

    "Daemonites from Grifter's series" had you not put that in there, I would've never known, lol. Would've thought it was some new character for the series.

    Marz does a fantastic job writing this series. I'm a little irritated to see he won't be around as long as I had hoped, but I try to keep a positive outlook. I hope the next writer does a decent job.

    As as for Mr. Kyle Rayner, I would've let those aliens go back to where ever they were going and went for Voodoo. I mean, she's very suspicious, lol. I think he just saw a cute girl and lost it a lil bit, lol. I don't think I've read much, if anything with Rayner so this was a pretty cool first impression.

    I'm definitely looking forward to the next issue. :)

  4. I've got to agree, Lisha. Marz has done a good job of creating an interesting mystery here, unlike Higgins with Deathstroke, where the mystery is just plain annoying!

    I'm also pretty annoyed that Marz is leaving this series so soon, I def hope the next regular writer can keep up the good work he's done here. I also hope that the early writer change doesn't doom this series...

    As for Kyle, I love the character. He's by FAR my favorite GL, so seeing him here was great.

  5. He has!!! And uggh don't speak of Deathstroke. I've been avoiding reading issue 3 for the longest. lol. I think I'll wait til issue 4 comes 3 & 4 and decide then and there whether or not I'll continue to keep the series.

    I swear DC does some of the dumbest things. I mean Voodoo is perfect with Marz writing, why mess up a good thing? You know?

    Kyle is a pretty lovable character, lol. *Sigh* Now I must find some comics with him in it....just when I thought my spending had came to an all time low. lol. *Tisk Tisk* And he's also the artist right? Bonus points for him!! lol.

  6. Yes, Kyle IS an artist! He did a lot of work on a cartton strip that was run in a magazine, so every now and then he'd be working at his art board which was pretty cool. Oh, and just so ya know, All of Kyle's early issues were written by Ron MArz, and then it was taken over by Judd Winick! That should get you interested in those old GL books! :P

  7. Lol, X, you've started something...and I don't know if my wallet will like it. Lol. I must find these comics, like asap lol. To EBay I go lol.

    I love the way you can just make my curious mind look up stuff. Lol. You're the best friend ever!! ^_^

  8. Oh...any recommendations? My Searching has gotten me no where. lol. :-(

  9. "You're the best friend ever!!" But the worst friend imaginable for your money! :P

    Do I have recommendations?! But of course, Lisha! :D Kyle took over the Green Lantern series at Green Lantern #51, which was written by Marz. One of those early issues is actually what spurred Gail Simone to do that Women in Refrigerators website which ultimately got her into comics, fyi. #51 to #55 is a pretty good idea of who early Kyle was. Donna Troy also showed up a lot during those early issues(like through the 60's-70's). Winick takes over at issue #129 and his run lasts through issue #164. Best bet would be to try to snag some of those early issues(I mean they are responsible for getting Simone into comics, so that's something right there!), and then cherry pick whatever issues you can find cheap. Happy hunting!

  10. "But the worst friend imaginable for your money! :P" Lol well, I'd rather spend my money on some good recommendations than take a chance on something that LOOKS interesting lol.

    "Do I have recommendations?! But of course, Lisha!"
    That was funny for some reason, lol. I saw that and just knew I was going to get some good stuff. ^_^ I'll definitely be looking into hopefully getting these issues in trades or finding them in lots on ebay or something. that Kyle has my attention, lol, I must read these comics. Especially since Marz is a fantastic writer.

    I'll be doing some research tonight. I'll let you know what I find!! I deserve to buy myself some things for Christmas, I graduated this year, lol. :-P

  11. I hear you on that. I'd much rather take a chance on something that's gotten good recommendations from people I trust then jumping at something that looks good but actually sucks. It's thanks to JT's recommendations that I started reading Morning Glories and Spider-Man(again)... But don't tell him I said that, we don't need him getting a big head! :P

    DC is really bad at collecting their older comics in trades, so your best bet may be to find the singles in a cheap eBay lot... There IS a GL trade collecting Kyle's early adventures(I know because I own it!) but I don't remember the title... If I wasn't happily laying in bed snacking on some candy canes I'd dig it out for you! :P I'll def find it by tomorrow and let you know what it was called though.

    HA!! That excuse STILL works you know! I use it every time I walk into a comic book shop! ;)

  12. "It's thanks to JT's recommendations that I started reading Morning Glories and Spider-Man(again)... But don't tell him I said that, we don't need him getting a big head! :P"

    You've mentioned HIS name. He is bound to pop up now!! Lol. But yeah I'm more aware of actually getting someones recommendation on a comic over just buying it because the cover and pictures look awesome, lol. Learned my lesson a few times with that.

    DC seems to be bad for a lot of things, lol. Damn them!! So being the money spending person I am, I hit up ebay to see if I could find #51-55 to get a foot into the door of Kyle Rayner and was coming up with EXPENSIVE prices for just the first issue. Just when I was about to give up, came across a listing for issues #48-57 for $8.99 plus cheap shipping. Sooo you know I HAD to get it and now I will be running home everyday from work hoping to see my comics lol.

    "If I wasn't happily laying in bed snacking on some candy canes I'd dig it out for you!" I told my bro the same thing except I was eating some twizzlers lol and refused to get up to look for a movie for him lol. Totally understandable!! Lol.

    "HA!! That excuse STILL works you know! I use it every time I walk into a comic book shop! ;)"
    You make me proud *tear* lol.

  13. I'm like Beetlejuice in this bitch! Lol and nah, no big head, even if I DID help introduce and reintroduce you to two of your favorite ongoing comics :D :P Now I'm out!

  14. "You've mentioned HIS name. He is bound to pop up now!!" HA!!! And the scary thing is that then he did!!! Oh man... JT, you are one scary, stalkerific individual! :D

    #48-#57?! That's awesome!! #48-#50 is the story where Hal goes crazy and attacks Oa, and is probably one of my favorite GL stories! And then on top of that you've got the early Kyle issues! That is an AWESOME deal! I know #48-50 sell for some crazy prices, so you def got an amazing deal there Lisha! Congrats!

    Ooo, I could go for some twizzlers now... The red ones. I love those. And it's all thanks to you that I still use that line when I see a comic book I want to buy. I'll even use that line after I get myself a job! I love that line! :D

  15. "JT, you are one scary, stalkerific individual! :D"

    Tis sad and funny, lol but true.

    X, I think I shed a tear when I came across that deal, lol. I was seriously on the verge of giving up my search lol. I'm sitting here like "The hell? Is Kyle Rayner that popular a single issue is going for 5-10 bucks?!" Lol. So thanks for giving me the recommendation. I probably would've been searching forever or ending up paying too much since I'm very impatient lol.

    I only had one of those lil packs you get in the aisle of the grocery store at the checkout, but maaan I could go for a bag of pull n peels, lol.

    "And it's all thanks to you that I still use that line when I see a comic book I want to buy. I'll even use that line after I get myself a job! I love that line! :D"

    You warm my heart!!!