Sunday, November 6, 2011

Irredeemable #31

And the last new comic book I have to take care of this week? The only comic I pick up from Boom! Comics, Irredeemable. This comic is coming up on it's three year anniversary and I have to honestly wonder, how many more tricks does Mark Waid have up his sleeves to keep this series interesting going forward?

Irredeemable #31:

What Happened: The plan set forth from the Chinese and Japanese governments to deal with the Plutonian was to unleash two MASSIVE beings from the Earth with so much radiation that 1/3 of the planet would wind up dying as a result... Meanwhile, Kaiden, the ghost of Scylla and Gil head off to find Scylla's secret third brother hoping they could recruit him to their side since, unlike Survivor, the third brother, Elliot, wasn't going insane. Upon arriving, the trio see that Survivor had beaten them to Elliot, and after some talking, Gil stabs Survivor in the back, killing him. Gil had expected all of the power of Scylla, Survivor and Elliot to flow into Elliot, but alas, the power was always Survivor's to give out, and with him dead, the power was gone... While that scene is playing out, Modeus is possessing Bette Noir, figuring that would finally get him the relationship he always craved with the Plutonian. As for the Plutonian, he confronts the two giants set loose by China and Japan and is told by the giants that they were his birth parents(!!?!)

The Good: You really can't get a better cliffhanger than that! The swerve with Modeus was wonderfully done and something I never saw coming for a minute. This comic has a great apocalyptic feel to it that many other stories go for but can't quite achieve... Between the Plutonian, the giants, the radiation, Survivor's death, the Earth itself in this series feels flat out hopeless.

The Bad: I really didn't like the reveal that Survivor was the linchpin for the triplet's powers... If that was the case, why didn't he simply strip Elliot of the power he wanted and take it back if it was his to hand out? If these two giants are so powerful, how did China manage to lock them beneath the Earth some 20-30 years ago? If the Chinese defeated the giants, why wouldn't the Plutonian be able to do the same?

The Verdict: Every month I read this series I think the same thing... How much longer can this story possibly go on? And every month Mark Waid manages to keep me hooked by shaking things up. As usual though, I can't help but think that the endgame HAS to be coming up soon... Now we don't even have Survivor around to take on Plutonian once the weird giants are out of the way... But then again, we DO have the return of Modeus, plus who knows, maybe Qubit will come back sometime soon with a new plan to stop the Plutonian... Huh, you know, maybe Waid CAN continue to stretch this series out!

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.“Whoops! Is it too late to apologize?”

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  1. I love your comment for the pic. As for Survivor, they said in the issue prior to this that once he shared his powers and his brother's bodies changed to accept them, they couldn't be taken back, that's why they return when they die, thats the only way.