Monday, November 21, 2011

Batman #3

There once was a time when I'd buy every single Batman titled book DC was peddling. Now I only buy two. The moral of the story? Um... I don't know that there is a moral... Let's just get to the review.

Batman #3:

What Happened: Still dubious that there was a Court of Owls secretly operating out of Gotham for the last century or so, Batman(or Bruce Wayne) talks to a few people who begin to make him think that maybe he was wrong to dismiss the possibility outright. Talking to Lincoln March makes Bruce think back to his great grandfather, who everybody thought was crazy due to an insane fear of owls nesting in his buildings... Bruce heads to Wayne Tower and looks in the secret 13th floor, and sure enough, discovers an owl base. Realizing his great grandfather was onto something, Bats contacts Alfred and tells him to open his great grandfather's crypt, but before Bats can get to the crypt, Bats trips a trap and Wayne Tower blows up while one of the Owls watched.

The Good: The story here was very well put together. The cliffhanger was pretty good(even though we all know Bats didn't get blown up). The owl-cave was cool, especially the creepy owl pictures on the walls. Alan Wayne's ramblings actually leading to something was good to see. There was a good balance of set-up and actual occurrences going on here. It wasn't JUST action or JUST set-up.

The Bad: Alan Wayne not actually being crazy was a bit annoying... Bats beating that Ukrainian gang by sticking them to a train via magnets seemed really dangerous... I'm getting tired of that stupid Owl rhyme. Should Bats really have been openly communicating with Alfred in the owl-cave? I mean what if they had some sort of recording devices? No wonder everybody knows the identities of the Bat family members...

The Verdict: I enjoyed this issue a lot. This comic was definitely my favorite DC book from the week as Scott Snyder is doing a really good job setting up this Court of Owls as a major threat. And I honestly wouldn't mind if the Court DID become a major, reoccurring Batman threat. So far they've been really well put together, it's an original idea and I like the design of the Owls. All in all, good stuff here.

Score: 9 out of 10.Those owl masks are AWESOME!


  1. Hey Amigo, there will be Owls for a long time, Snyder says that it will be a "long hallowen" kind of story.
    with almost 12 issues revolving arround the court of owls. so enjoy it.

  2. I like the storyline but the Owl song thing annoys me as well, although I don't mind a Long Halloween type story, especially by Snyder.

    And I also thought of that X, when he kept calling Alfred from the lairs and stuff, like really, use a code name or something. But I loved the fact that he used the idea of what Owls actually do and applied it here in the story, man that was genius.

  3. Sweet. Glad to hear that about the Owls, Alien. I mean it's something different and good(imo) so I'm fine with a nice, long storyline that establishes the Owls as a major threat that could end up involving several other Gotham types.

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who picked up on the name thing, JT... Seriously! Yeah, I get that there are more than one dude named “Alfred” in Gotham, but still, why give out any hints concerning your secret identity? Like you said, a codename for Alfred or simply calling "the Cave" or something would seem way more Batman-ish... Agreed again with the owl thing. Having them actually using the various haunts of the Waynes as their own base was pretty genius. Glad to see DC has at least one good writer left! :P

  4. considering the averege books you have been reading
    Why did you leave this issue so down in your pull list?
    this book is always one of the first to me.

    When I started reading comics I couln't imagine other writer for Batman than Morrison. Thanks Snyder appeared to prove me wrong.

    Anyway I'm still loking forward to that Batman Inc issue coming in december.

  5. I honestly don't know how this book ended up so low in my comic pile, Alien... I guess I saw the DC logo, figured it would be bad and unfairly put it towards the bottom... I def won't make that mistake again! As for Batman Inc, I don't know how I feel about it... In a way I don't even get why DC is even bothering to release that. I guess for the money, but seriously, with the reboot, why would they pick up a story that was going on BEFORE the reboot... I don't get that...

  6. maybe is just me but I care for Batman inc because

    1)Its Batman.
    2)Stephanie Brown will be there.
    3)Cassandra too.
    4)I started reading Batman with Morrison, is dificult to me avoid a comic with Batman + morrison.

    But point 2 and 3 are the ones I care more at the moment.

  7. HA! I think most people would be fine with just #1. That seems to be the most important thing actually! As for me, I'm tempted... But I'm not sure if I'm tempted enough to bother reading it. But then by the time it comes out I may have changed my mind 50 times and will wind up being really excited for it. Who knows?

  8. Haha I know, but there will (posibly)be so many characters I care for, that Batman almost isnt the most important to me.
    I dont know maybe The Question?, or The Outsiders?}

    I want to know the actual status on the DC Universe of those character post reboot.

  9. "I want to know the actual status on the DC Universe of those character post reboot." That right there is the main reason I'd pick these comics up... I'm REALLY curious to see how they work around the reboot.

  10. I was actually thinking how this Court of Owls business feels a lot more organic than what Morrison seemed to be doing with Leviathan before the reboot, so I'm hoping Morrison takes the chance to use the reboot to refocus (or, actually, focus) the story a bit. I thought I read somewhere that Morrison will return with a new "Batman, Inc." at some point in 2012. Is that right? Wasn't it going to appear in February or something?

  11. That's a good point, JW. The main difference, in my humble opinion, is that Scott Snyder is telling a comic book story while Morrison tends to like to tell crazy futuristic sci-fi stories... In Morrisonese! I mean there are times when I think you need a doctorate in literature(or to be totally insane!) to understand what Morrison is getting at. Sometimes I can focus enough to understand and enjoy what Morrison is doing(New X-Men, Marvel Boy), but other times I'm just hopelessly lost(most of his Bat run, Final Crisis!!). Snyder is telling a story, while not simplistic, that is WAY easier to follow than most of Morrison's Bat-work.