Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ultimate X-Men #3

First book up for tonight? The third issue of Ultimate X-Men. I honestly expect big things from this title(it's not shackled by the rules the 616 X-books are chained to), and yet it's rehashing an idea from the 616 X-books that I hate... That idea? The Purifiers...

Ultimate X-Men #3:

What Happened: Valerie Cooper, the US's advisor on mutant issues, is shocked to see Quicksilver meeting with the president. It seems Quicksilver wants to assist the US and as such is offering them Cerebro tech to help them locate mutants. Meanwhile William “I suck and am horribly boring” Stryker is planning something nefarious. Back in the Morlock tunnels, Shroud, Iceman, the Human Torch and Rogue are surprised to find a young mutant boy there. The boy and his brother(a big mutant worm looking thing) have brought Jimmy Hudson to the sewers in search of help. It seems Jimmy broke out of Stryker's jails and freed a bunch of fellow mutants before being shot and knocked out. Jimmy eventually wakes up and tells the X-Men(I guess that's who these mutants are now) that they had to move quickly before Stryker struck. Alas, Stryker has already enacted his crazy plan and blows up much of New York's Times Square while babbling about the Lord.

The Good: Jimmy finally showed up(and pretty much joined the X-Men). There's the highlight of this one. I am an unabashed mark for Jimmy Hudson, so I was really happy to see him do something other than get captured in this comic. I liked the parts with Quicksilver, and am intrigued to see what his(and the Scarlet Witch's) plans are. The art here is really good.

The Bad: I HATE WILLIAM STRYKER AND THE PURIFIERS. And it's not a good hate either. You know, like how I hate somebody like Sin. See, I hate Stryker because he's a boring character with zero redeeming qualities, whereas I hate Sin because she's a villain. On the one hand(with Stryker) I don't want to read about him at all because he adds NOTHING to a series. On the other hand I WOULD read a comic with Sin in it because I want to see her get her comeuppance. The hate I feel for Stryker is the kind of hate that will get me to drop a comic book because I don't want to see his boring ass...

The Verdict: Yeah, that was the only thing I'd consider truly bad about this issue... But unfortunately, the main story is revolving around Stryker, which means I didn't enjoy the majority of this comic. Seriously, if almost ANY other villain was in Stryker's place, I'd have enjoyed this one WAY more. As it is, I just want this storyline to end, preferably with Jimmy digging his claws into Stryker's head, thereby ridding the Ultimate Universe of his annoying character forever! There is SUCH potential in this series, but as long as Stryker is in it, that potential can't be reached...

Score: 6 out of 10.Aww... He's just like his daddy!

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