Thursday, November 24, 2011

Avengers: Solo #2

Ah, here's a comic book I've been looking forward to! The second issue of Avengers Solo, starring Hawkeye!! How awesome is that? Eh, it's awesome to me. Let's get into it.

Avengers: Solo #2(of 5):

Summary: Same as last issue, we have two stories here, the main story about Hawkeye, the back-up deals with the Avengers Academy, so it's all good! Or at least kind of good... Hawkeye manages to escape the Trapster(and really, if he lost to Paste Pot Pete he should quit being a hero then and there...) and rushes to the aid of Trace's allies, who were being hounded by some mercenaries. Hawkeye manages to save Trace's friends, but one of them, a doctor, decides to tag along with Hawkeye for some reason. Hawkeye eventually finds Trace and the mercs fighting it out in the streets, and tells the doctor to get back to the rest of her friends. Hawkeye finds the woman who was coordinating the mercs and busts her equipment, which leaves the mercs confused and disoriented. With that, Hawkeye and Trace take off and leave the tracer the mercs had put on Trace in a park, which Hawkeye figured would lead all the mercs to one spot where he could mop them up at his leisure. This issue ends with Trace removing her helmet, revealing that she was actually Marcia Guzman, and claiming that the man responsible for the mercs and all the trouble was Captain America... The second story starts off with Pym, Striker and Finesse escaping their damaged Quinjet before it exploded, only to be confronted by 6 armed guards. Pym and his charges easily take 5 of the men down and wait until the sixth runs back to his base and enters the passkey to open the base, at which time they take him out and enter. The trio sneak around and find a locked door, which opens to reveal what appears to be robotic copies of the West Coast Avengers(!!). This one ends with the robots activating.

Thoughts: Okay... Now, I've never made any bones about how much I love Hawkeye... He's easily one of my favorite fictional characters, and was the main reason I brought the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 video game. So to state the obvious, I like Hawkeye. A lot. Unfortunately, I really, really didn't like his story in this comic. I have no idea what's going on, who's who, or why I should care. Quite frankly, if Hawkeye wasn't in it I probably would have skipped right to the back-up story, which was WAY better. The back-up story was only 5 pages long, so I can't really base too much of the score on it... Let's see, for a score I'm going to give the Hawkeye story a 4 1/2 and I'll add 1 1/2 for the 5 page back-up tale, bringing us to a...

Score: 6 out of 10.Oh Paste Pot Pete... When will you learn...

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