Saturday, November 19, 2011

X-Factor #227

Man, I've had quite the row of mediocre comics... Here's hoping the latest issue of X-Factor pulls me out of the rut.

X-Factor #227:

What Happened: The Hangman leads X-Factor to the movie studio where Bloodbath(who is apparently a movie obsessed demon) had taken the Hangman's son. X-Factor enters the studio, but Hangman can't do the same since Bloodbath promised to kill Hangman's son if Hangman stepped foot inside. While X-Factor is debating strategy for finding the captive kid, Bloodbath attacks the team. Wolfsbane and one of Madrox's duplicates sneak off to rescue the kid while the rest of the team take turns being owned by Bloodbath. Wolfsbane and the dupe find the kid, but the kid accidentally shoots and kills the dupe with a gun Bloodbath had left behind. Bloodbath begins to drain the souls from the team, but since Guido apparently doesn't have a soul anymore, he simply walks over to the surprised Bloodbath and beats him to a bloody pulp. From there Wolfsbane arrives with the kid and everything seems to be in order... Until Bloodbath possesses the dupe that was killed earlier and impales Madrox with a blade(!!). This issue ends with Madrox waking up in the image from the future where he was married to Layla after Wolfsbane had attacked and killed the two... What the?!?

The Good: This issue was a very fun read. The cliffhanger was good enough to have me very interested in the follow-up issue. Bloodbath is a villain I wouldn't mind seeing stick around as a reoccurring threat. As always, the dialogue was well done.

The Bad: I have NO idea what the hell the end of this issue meant! Supposedly somebody from this team was going to die before Havok and Polaris rejoin... I REALLY hope Madrox isn't the character to go...

The Verdict: This comic was perfectly acceptable. It wasn't anything special, nor was it anything awful. It WAS better than the past couple of comics I've read, but it was by no means the best issue of this series I've ever read. One thing's for sure, I can't wait for the next issue to find out what the hell was going on at the end of this one!

Score: 7 out of 10.D'oh!!


  1. I thought the David Carradine joke was a bit ballsy.

  2. I think Guido doesn't have a soul because Layla ressurected him, and i think it was explained way back that bringing people back to life is her actual mutant power but everyone she bring back becomes souless like Trevor Fitzroy.

  3. That joke flew right over my head, Jermox, so yeah... ;-)

    Yep, the only reason I stuck an “apparently” in the review was because I don't think PAD has come right out yet and stated definitively that Layla brought Guido back after he was shot. It's like 99.9999% for sure, but until they come right out and say, "Guido has no soul as a result of Layla" I figured I'd play it safe. But you're def right on the money, Anonymous.