Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wolverine #19

Next and last comic review for the day? This week's Pick of the Litter, the very strong Wolverine series. This series has been good from the start, and this latest story is a big step away from all of the grim Wolvie stories we've been getting, as it's full of really good comedy. Here's hoping Jason Aaron continues to bring the awesome with this issue.

Wolverine #19:

Summary: Wolverine, Fat Cobra and Gorilla Man launch a sneak attack on the Jade Claw's secret underground opium fields via the stomachs of some dragon drug smugglers. The Jade Claw's goon squad attack Wolvie's motley crew, and Wolvie and company seem to be slowly gaining the advantage, at which time Master Po(who fell into a bottomless pit last issue... yes, really) arrives on the scene with friendly dragon reenforcements, which leads to Wolvie and his allies routing Jade Claw's forces. With her opium fields burned and her forces in tatters, Jade Claw runs through the underground tunnels back to China. As for Wolvie, his allies and all of the slaves Jade Claw had working her opium fields, Wolvie takes them all to Westchester to Harry's Hideaway(!!) for some beers. Oh yeah, Wolvie's girlfriend, Melita? Thanks to Wolvie pulling some strings, she has relocated to the East Coast and has gotten a job working at the Daily Bugle, meaning Wolvie wouldn't have to worry about doing the long distance relationship thing. And that my friends, is basically that.

Thoughts: Again, I really liked this issue. It was at times over-the-top ridiculous, but I'm sorry, every now and then, a comic series can use a storyline like that. It was all good here. The comedy was funny, the story was strong, the art was vibrant, the dialogue made me chuckle a few times, seriously, no complaints about this one. Next issue we get back to the serious business with Wolvie coming face-to-face with the current leader of the Hand, Kingpin. That should be good, just in a different way than this issue was, which goes to show you what a versatile writer Jason Aaron is.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Yes, Wolvie has had a busy few months.


  1. lol with "your monkey style needs some work"

    and agree with you all the way, this arc over the top ridiculous and still was good.

    and what with that editor at the Bugle, I thought that JJJ was the bad one.

  2. Seriously, after all of the crazy stuff Wolvie has been dealing with lately, this storyline was a nice breath of fresh air.

    Ah Robbie's not that bad! Especially compared to JJJ! Jameson almost definitely wouldn't have even hired Melita! :P

  3. Does Melita know who Parker is or is this because Parker knows Melita from his other identity? I didn't really get that meetup.

  4. @jermox i think it was just the writers trying to show us that this is the legit daily bugle, if spidey is their it can only be the real deal.

  5. I think it was probably the second, Jermox. I don´t think Melita knows Peter´s identity, but I´m sure he knows who she is. That´s my guess at least.