Friday, May 18, 2012

Winter Soldier #5

This series has been heating up lately, and this issue should bring everything to a head concerning Doom, Lucia Von Bardas and the sleepers.

Winter Soldier #5:

Story Points:
-Doom is working with SHIELD to reformat a teleportational device constructed by Reed Richards in order to get himself, Bucky and Black Widow into Latveria before Von Bardas launched her nuclear assault.
-Think about that last line for a moment... DOOM was working with SHIELD!!!
-Oh, and Doom and Nick Fury's banter here was absolutely suburb.
-Anyway, Doom is as good as his word and gets the trio near the missile base.
-Von Bardas, the Red Ghost and his super-apes and the Russian sleeper are no match for Doom and company, as Doom destroys the super-apes and Von Bardas, while Bucky is forced to kill the sleeper.
-The Red Ghost however, escapes.
-With the threat over, SHIELD takes Von Bardas to question her about the location of a third sleeper, and Doom promises to keep his knowledge of Bucky being alive to himself provided Bucky and SHIELD didn't mention his nuclear weapons program.
-SHIELD learns where the Red Barbarian(who sold the three Russian sleepers to Von Bardas) was located and Bucky assassinates him.
-This one ends with Von Bardas telling SHIELD that she was never given the third sleeper, meaning there was still one out there somewhere...

Thoughts: I LOVED this issue! Seriously! Doom + Bucky + Nick Fury = awesomeness to the third power! There's really not a bad thing I can think to say about this comic... I loved the set-up, I loved the fight scenes, I loved the dialogue, I loved everything! And you know what that means...

Score: 10 out of 10.


  1. Loved it as well! The art was a lot more clear in this issue even though it was done by the same artist. Fury and Doom's banter was golden!

  2. Totally loved. Heart, heart, heart. Doom and Fury bantering, Doom v. von Bardas grudge match, Bucky pensive at the end: awesome.

  3. Yep, so far this is probably one of, if not the best single new issue I've read this year. Leave it to Brubaker to bring the awesome. I've actually been reading some of his earlier work(I just finished 'Point Blank' from Wildstorm in '02) and he's always been great... That man knows how to build a story like few others.