Saturday, May 12, 2012

Batman and Robin #9

Now we'll see what that murderous little scamp, Damian is up to during the Night of Owls stuff.

Batman and Robin #9:

Story Points:
-Damian is sent to protect a member of the Gotham City(New Jersey?) National Guard.
-Naturally, the Guardsmen aren't keen on the idea of a 10 year old sneaking onto their base, at least until a Talon attacks.
-The Talon shrugs off being shot, and kills several Guardsmen, with Damian managing to get the target away.
-The Talon follows, but the Guardsmen regroup and follow Damian's lead as he calls strategy.
-Damian's tactics work, as he manages to decapitate the Talon, which is an injury I'm pretty sure it won't be coming back from.

Thoughts: This was another good read, probably a bit better than Batman #9 in my opinion. Yeah, this comic DID make the National Guard look like a bunch of scrubs(a 10 year old was leading them!!! they couldn't beat ONE man!!!), but there was a part of me that enjoyed seeing Damian in a military situation... In a way, that's where he belongs. Plus this issue gave Damian another kill(granted, against a reanimated corpse, but still), bringing his kill total up to 2 for the series. Go Damian!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.


  1. I believe that the previous murders in the old DCU are still in continuity

    So counting his kills in others series pre-New52 The count kill for Damian is 4, Go litle Demon!

  2. "So counting his kills in others series pre-New52 The count kill for Damian is 4, Go litle Demon!" HA!!! I have GOT to remember to call Damian the Little Demon more often!!

  3. hahah Nothing will be more correct than Litle Demon for Damian after all he IS the grandson of Ras Al Ghul so..

    and Oh yeah!! those deaths are stil in continuity (man they are messing a lot the Bat continuyti)