Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daredevil #13

This issue promises to finally end the Omegadrive stuff that's been dominating this series for so long now... Here's hoping that's really the case, because while the Omegadrive stuff has been good, I'm ready for it to end...

Daredevil #13:

Story Points:
-Daredevil heads to Times Square with the Omegadrive to have it out with the various crime groups that wanted to get their hands on the device.
-After a bit of a battle, a bunch of members of the Black Spectres show up, even though they were thought to have been taken apart two issues back.
-The arrival of the Spectres make a chaotic situation that much more chaotic and ends up with the Spectres snatching the Omegadrive from DD and taking off.
-So DD's been publicly humiliated...
-Or has he?!?
-In actuality, the Spectres were members of the Avengers, who were asked by DD to publicly swipe the Omegadrive to get the other crime groups off his back.
-DD tells the Avengers to ship the Drive off to Reed Richards and thus finally ends the saga of the Omegadrive.

Thoughts: That was some slick writing by Mark Waid right there! DD rid himself of the Omegadrive, did it publicly and in a way that doesn't imperil anybody else, since there are no Black Spectres anymore. AND it ended that Omegadrive storyline, which is an added bonus in my eyes! Overall, this was a good issue that has me looking forward to the future of this series.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.

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