Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grifter #9

Welcome to Hell, Grifter, as Rob Liefeld has taken over the story-writing for this series... Because he did such a fantastic job with Hawk and Dove, which was, you know, canceled... On the plus side, the hugely underrated Frank Tieri is doing the dialogue for Liefeld's script, so this might not be THAT bad...

Grifter #9:

Story Points:
-Grifter is being attacked by the Daemonite's special super-soldiers.
-Grifter is saved by some woman named Nico(Cheshire?)
-Nico tells Grifter that the Daemonites were planning a full-scale invasion of Earth, thus explaining the presence of the super Daemonites.
-Nico also tells Grifter he is the “chosen one” and that's why the Daemonites have targeted him
-Grifter agrees to help Nico and meets the rest of the human resistance, including Deathblow.

Thoughts: Wow, this issue was WAY better than it had any right to be... Seriously, I was expecting garbage and I got a good story. I mean it wasn't great, but we had some good groundwork laid here, and hopefully this series will continue to impress. I was a bit annoyed by the “Nico” thing... Is she Cheshire or not!? Other than that? No real complaints, much to my utter shock.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10..

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