Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ect... Week of April 25th.

And now for a new feature! We'll see how long this feature actually sticks around, as I have a tendency to get bored with new features rather quickly... Just look through the annals of this blog for proof of THAT fact! First, a bit of a backstory... Recently, due to my abject awesomeness and all, my job offered me more hours AND much higher pay, but for some genuinely sucky hours... I naturally took the promotion, but that's going to lead to less time spent on the blog as well as me possibly altering my blog posting/commenting schedule... It also means that there's NO way I'm going to be able to do more than 14 reviews a week(2 a night)... Hell, I may have to cut back to 7 reviews(a review a night) depending on how things go. Luckily, JT told me if that were to happen, he'd pick up the slack, 'cause he's such a swell guy and all. But we haven't reached that point yet. Anyway, there are some weeks(such as this week) where I pick up MORE than 14 books... For those weeks? There's this new feature. Basically I'll tell you guys what I read, what I thought about it, give the score, post a scan, and move on to the next book. That way if you read the book and want to chime in with something, you can. As with any new feature, I'm more than willing to change the format and listen to any suggestions on how to make this post better. But for now, this is what we have. Now, on with the show!

Uncanny X-Men #11(AvX tie-in):

Thoughts: I have to say, I enjoyed this issue way more than I expected to. Well, allow me to rephrase that... I enjoyed the Jugger-Colossus vs Red Hulk portions of this issue and wasn't all that fond of the rest. I thought the way the Jugger-Colo/Rulk battle ended was smart, and didn't really hurt either character's standing. Jugger-Colo had the upper-hand for most of the battle, especially while he was in full on Juggernaut mode. When he switched to Colossus mode, he was defeated. Plus he WANTED to lose, so again, no gripes about the way that fight went down. I felt Jugger-Colo could beat Rulk, but that Rulk could beat Colossus. The rest of it, especially Cyclops's ridiculous letter? I hated it. What a weird way to end this one... In the end though, this issue did give me some hope(gah, I hate even using that word now!) that these issues of Uncanny won't be all that bad.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
uncanny x-men #11
Huh, I'd forgotten that Hope told Wolvie to kill her!

New Avengers #25:

Thoughts: This comic wasn't THAT BAD! That's probably the biggest compliment I can give to an Avengers title, written by Bendis, with this team... Yeah sure, the only member of the Avengers in this book to show up was Iron Fist, and he only popped up on one page, but hey, it didn't suck! I'm not really sure where we're going with the revelation here though... Iron Fist turns on the Avengers to join with the X-Men? But what of Luke Cage??? The Bromance EXPLODES!!! Actually, that could be epic if we get Luke acting like a jilted lover when/if Iron Fist's duplicity is revealed... Eh, regardless of the outcome, at least I can always point to this issue and say, “See that, an issue of New Avengers DID score higher than a 6!”.

Score: 7 out of 10.
new avengers #25

Avenging Spider-Man #6:

Thoughts: I can't say this issue really got me all hyped up for this Omega Effect storyline... I honestly feel that Punisher should stay FAR AWAY from real heroes such as DD and Spidey due to him being, you know, a criminal and all... Now don't get me wrong, I like Punisher, I just don't like him interacting with a character like Daredevil, who should be trying to take him in on sight. Methinks I chose the wrong issue of Avenging Spider-Man to start collecting the series...

Score: 5 out of 10.
avenging spider-man #6
Frank has definitely seen better days... Although in fairness, he's seen worse too...

Daredevil #11:

Thoughts: Ugh, this was pretty bad... So basically, the bottom line here was that we returned to the status quo? DD still has the Omega Drive, Punisher is still on his own, and Spidey is still Spidey... I just don't get the point of it all... On the plus side, at least I didn't waste my money picking up the Punisher issue of this x-over!

Score: 4 out of 10.
daredevil #11
Don't worry, this is the nice Punisher, he's not aiming for kill shots!


  1. It's Colossonaut now X! Lol but anyway he was badass he reminded me of Kuurth in this issue. And I agree the way the battle ended was a-ok in my book shouldn't be many upset fans.

  2. I thought the letter was a smart move even though it is kind of a jerk move. If CA told the world that said child would end up destroying the world then chaos would ensue. So, CA is left with little options in the PR dept.

  3. Hey X75.....you alright? I hope so! Thought I'd give it a day for cooling off. Things seemed to get a little heated on the AvX Vs 1 page. Left some commentary there based on that cranky discussion between you and Ultimatum. I'm beginning to feel like that spot is the forbidden zone for ya X, so you might not have read it. Well....if you don't decide to read it, I basically told Ultimatum not to always expect you to answer questions you didn't feel like answering due to that being your right/choice and also reassured Ultimatum that it was ok to continue blogging on your site since you told him he could anyway in a sarcastic type of way. Hope that you just had a bad day because Ultimatum seemed quite hurt by it. Anyways....the real reason I'm posting this explanation is due to the fact that I took it upon myself to ease the situation (just read my comments on AvX Vs 1...if you so desire) and gave Ultimatum a secondary ok to continue blogging on your site. However, I thought to myself that since this isn't exactly my blog, maybe I don't have the right to make such suggestions. So if you feel I don't, just let me know and I won't in the future. I do apologize for getting ahead of myself. I just really hope you're not offended by my comments there. In the end, I just wanted to restore peace between you and Ultimatum for I do enjoy both of you guys' viewpoints and don't wish to see something like that again. I just want all to get along well on your blog. Please don't psi-blast me for trying...lol

  4. "It's Colossonaut now X!" Dammit! Why didn't I think of that?! It's perfect! Well, in the future you can be sure that I'll happily be stealing that name, Astrovik. And yeah, I thought that battle would go a long way in appeasing fans of both teams... Maybe...

    Exactly, Jermox! What can Cap possibly say to retort that letter? "Well, we went to Utopia to get a girl off-world because we feared a giant space bird would come to Earth, bond with her, and destroy the planet as it did to many others..." I can't imagine that'll fly really well in the court of public opinion... I guess Cap could go the cult route that you mentioned, but even still, it's a tough sell.

    RadT? I seriously have nothing left to say about that subject. I must have said at least 3 different times in three different ways that we'd have to agree to disagree... There was no sense in continuing the conversation because it WAS like beating a dead horse, it had become a waste of time. And then I was insulted... Really, I don't have the time to deal with petty nonsense like that. I spend enough time working, having a life and trying to keep this blog as updated as I can. So far as I'm concerned, it's over.

  5. I feel ya X! How long will the conversation continue?! It was all in fun at the beginning, but the series is ongoing for a good stretch still. Definitely agree, time to move on to the next matches and talk about the progressive storyline itself. Like I stated on the AvX Vs. 1 spot, the comic is written and it stands as is: IM triumphs over Mags....the end. Nuff said. Maybe later they will get a rematch....who knows. But time to definitely move on. It just sucks that people strongly want others to think their way. But I say, like you X, that people have the right to disagree and regardless....it changes nothing written. Just wish people wouldn't take it all so seriously and move on with future blogging.

  6. Exactly, RadT! I mean I said my points, the X-fans retorted, but none of their points changed my mind(much like my points didn't change their, and your opinions!). There was really nothing more I could say there... And now that I'm working full time, I don't really have the time to keep saying the same thing over and over and over again! For example, the other day I had 12 other comments to read/respond to! As well as two more reviews to type up and two more comics to read... There was just nothing left for me to say. I kept trying to nicely end the discussion(beating a dead horse, agree to disagree, etc), but it just KEPT GOING!! :D AND it started getting kind of nasty! Believe it or not, that's one of the first times in the 4+ years I've been doing this blog where the comments have taken that tone.

    Usually when there's a disagreement, both sides will lay out their points and either find a middle ground or realize that they just weren't going to see eye-to-eye. I mean I've had conversations with people who were fully pro-Iron Man during Civil War while I am now, and always will be 1,000% fully pro-Cap. We laid out our points saw there wasn't going to be an agreement and that was fine. It happens, people don't agree on everything. I know that. Sadly, I sometimes think not everybody does... Bottom line is I do this blog to meet other comic fans, and I've met LOTS of them, and have gotten very close to a few, talk comics and just have fun. Sadly that last part was VERY lacking in that other post... :/

    1. Yo X, the omega affect was terrrrrible. Nothing in that happened at all! Anyway regardless of how avenging spidey 6 was. I still hope you get a chance to check out #5 with cap and spidey in a solo story!

  7. Yeah, the Omega Effect was strangely terrible... Idk what the idea there was...

    Sadly, my shop didn't have any Avenging back issues(only one of the Rulk ones, and I wasn't interested in that!). So I'll either a) wait on the trade or b) pick up the two singles I want(Hawkeye and Cap) online.

  8. DEFINITELY get those two singles ASAP X, I loved those two issues and they're what made me wanna collect Avenging Spidey, I'm really looking forward to the She-Hulk issue.

  9. Can do, will do, good buddy! I'll probably just pick 'em up online... If I wait for my shop to get them I'll be waiting 7 months...

  10. OK, I'm just making my way through the, like, 20 "AVX" issues I have, so expect a lot of comments over the next few days.

    UXM: I felt kind of meh about this issue, mainly because it seemed like we had already seen almost all of it in "AVX" #2. As you said, the Colossus parts were best. But, it felt like this issue was essentially a companion book to "AVX:VS," which is a companion book to "AVX." It makes you wonder what it's value-added is, particularly since, to my mind, "AVX:VS" #1 was more fun than "UXM" #11. But, to be fair, it's at least better coordinated than "Fear Itself," so I'm hanging in there. I, too, wanted to smack Scott upside the head after reading his utterly ridiculous letter. "Hey, the Avengers invaded our home because we're housing a maniac who can end the Universe as we know it. What dicks, right?" STFU, Scott. Just S...T...F...U.

    New Avengers: I, too, didn't think this issue was terrible! Although I still think the connection between the Iron Fist and Phoenix Force is going to wind up feeling forced, Bendis delivers an interesting enough issue that I'm keeping an open mind.

  11. "Hey, the Avengers invaded our home because we're housing a maniac who can end the Universe as we know it. What dicks, right?" HA!!! THAT is the letter he should have put out!!! That was awesome! Seriously, any rebuttal by the Avengers PR machine should blow that dumb letter out of the water, considering a) most people hate and fear the X-Men(more so than ever before with them sitting off the coast of California with several terrorists and maniacs) and b) It's the AVENGERS! If Capt. America penned an op-ed and said the sky was neon green, you can damn sure believe that most of the country would buy into that! :D

    As for New Avengers... Wait until you read the next issue... :/

  12. OK, read "Omega Effect." What a disappointment! I had no idea what the actual plan was. In "Avenging," it seemed they wanted Reed to download the information and were going to distract Megacrime to do it. Then, in "Punisher," it seemed, no, they intended to destroy the Drive because no one person should have it. Then, in this issue, you know, it didn't matter, because they didn't download the information AND they didn't destroy it. Seriously, WTF? Also, I just thought the Daredevil/Punisherette stuff was SO overwrought.

    One of my main problems with the X-Man's approach lately is that they keep acting like everyone will miraculously like them when Phoenix "saves" them. Everyone hated mutants before "M-Day." It was the whole point of, like, 40 years of comics. I just don't understand why they think everything is going to be cool when the mutant race is resurrected, because it wasn't cool before it was eliminated.