Thursday, May 24, 2012

Captain America #12

And now we'll take a look at the most recent issue of Captain America... The last issue got my hopes up that maybe, POSSIBLY, Jack Monroe was under the mask of the new Scourge... Will we learn the identity of the new Scourge this issue? We'll know in a few...

Captain America #12:

Story Points:
-It turns out the new Scourge beat Diamondback into a coma. Dum Dum Dugan is just fine though... Strange how that worked out.
-Sharon locates a Hydra base and Cap, still pissed about what happened to Diamondback, takes Dum Dum and invades the hideout.
-The good guys easily defeat Hydra...
-But even Cap realizes they won too easily...
-It turns out Hydra wanted Cap to locate that base and find footage of Hydra hypnotizing Henry Peter Gyrich into working for them.
-Cap is angry.
-As for Gyrich, he's giving information to the media about the criminals in the witness protection program getting killed while simultaneously working with the Scourge.
-This issue ends with the Scourge unmasking to reveal... D-Man... What a HUGE letdown...

Thoughts: Well, I hate to say it but I saw that coming... I recall typing somewhere that I was hoping the Scourge didn't turn out to be somebody like D-Man, and sure enough, that's who it is... I've NEVER liked D-Man as a character. He does nothing for me. And now he has a kick-ass look and name. Eh, no sense harping on it I guess, it's already happened. I'll be honest, this issue was extremely good. To the point where I was actually pondering if it was perfect score material as I approached the end. And then the Scourge unmasked and REALLY hurt my enjoyment of this one. In the end, this was a great comic, but one that I think missed a golden opportunity to be a perfect comic...

Score: 9 out of 10.


  1. D-Man! I knew you'd be disappointed that it wasn't Nomad. But, it actually kind of worked for me. Not only does it continue Gruenwaldmania!, but it also seems to be the type of thing that's going to push Cap even further off the cliff. I mean, D-Man not only has fallen under the sway of HYDRA, but he also hurt Diamondback to boot. Given that D-Man's last few appearance have been full of him expressing disappointment at his treatment by the Avengers and Cap, I'm guessing Steve is going to take this one really personally.

  2. Definitely. I was just talking to the owner of the comic shop about how Cap's series has really been beating him down, which goes with the decisions he's been making in AvX, and the D-Man reveal, especially after what he did to D-Back will further that. Still, Nomad coming back and blaming Cap for letting him die and then befriending his murderer would have been that much more devastating to Cap you'd have to think. Plus I remember D-Man as being that addled guy living in the sewers so yeah, I can't say I'm psyched to see him here.