Monday, May 14, 2012

New Avengers #26

Okay, Bendis gave us some really strange story last issue about a girl with red hair and Iron Fist's mystical city. It all had something to do with the Phoenix(I guess...) so let's see how Bendis ties last issue and this one to the greater AvX event.

New Avengers #26(AvX x-over... Supposedly...):

Story Points:
-I don't even know what to say here... Stuff happens in Iron Fist's mystical city before his time.
-Leonardo Da Vinci is involved for some reason.
-The Phoenix has always had a thing for red heads apparently.
-Da Vinci build something to keep the Phoenix away from the random red head...
-This issue was weird.

Thoughts: That cover? The one on this issue? Ignore it, because neither characters appear in this one... As a matter of fact NO Avengers, New or otherwise showed up here... God does Bendis hurt my brain at times... I have NO idea what to give this issue score-wise... I mean it wasn't terrible, but what the hell did it have to do with AvX?!

Score: 5 out of 10.


  1. so...

    retcon dial turned up to 11 anybody?

  2. You know, I should hate that, being a continuity nut and all, but since Christos Gage is writing it I'd be willing to give it a shot. He hasn't done wrong by me yet...

  3. Dude Guardians of the Galaxy is coming back!!!

    I think he said that Star-Lord and Nova are alive as well!

  4. You are the bringer of good news, my friend! I had to skip that article(it said that it had some Avengers movie spoilers, and since I haven't seen the movie yet, I didn't read it... Although I think I know what the spoiler is...), but after what we saw in Avengers Assemble #3, I wouldn't be shocked to see Nova and Star-Lord back. That's definitely some awesome news.

  5. I had the same response: it wasn't terrible (which, given the involvement of da Vinci, is probably saying something in and of itself), but I was left wondering how much this arc is really going to have to do with the main event.

    Seriously, I have been waiting inpatiently for the boys to return. It better be SOON!

  6. "but I was left wondering how much this arc is really going to have to do with the main event." For me the kicker was the fact that Iron Fist didn't even appear in this issue! Nobody from the New Avengers did! I mean this wasn't awful, I just don't get what it's doing in an Avengers title... Maybe it should have been in a stand-alone AvX: Iron Fist mini or something... I just hope we get to the present soon...

  7. As I said somewhere else (I can't remember where, because, at this point, all these issues are starting to blur together!), I just don't understand why we've got unexplored aspects of the story -- Iron Man in Avengers Tower, the Wakanda and Wundagore fights -- but we're dedicating this much space to a side topic. My only hope is that Iron Fist is going to wind up playing some sort of key role in the final events, which would justify this amount of attention. But, I somewhat doubt it. Weird stuff, yo.

  8. Yeah, I'm with you, JW. It would make sense if Iron Fist played a major role in the endgame of this event, but I really, REALLY doubt that's going to happen, thus making this storyline indeed, weird!