Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Irredeemable #37

First new review for this week? The final issue of Irredeemable... This series has been, for lack of a better word, brilliant. Has every issue been a perfect 10? No, but every issue HAS been solid, and this series was built on a magnificent premise... What if Superman went bad? And I don't mean, stopped helping people or used his powers for his own profit bad, I mean went totally Dr. Doom levels of bad? That idea has given me 37 issues where I have been actively(and happily) routing against the main character in a comic. Here's hoping this issue finally gives us the Plutonian FINALLY getting his comeuppance.

Irredeemable #37(Final Issue):

Story Points:
-Before the Plutonian could kill him, Qubit teleports the bullet he stole from Bette Noir all of those issues ago into the Plutonian's heart... The same bullet that could actually kill him... IF Qubit stopped thinking about it.
-Now with this piece of blackmail hanging over his head(or more appropriately, in his chest), Qubit tells the Plutonian to circle the Earth and to collect all of the radiation poisoning the planet.
-The Plutonian does as asked, since Qubit had promised to give Plutonian a new chance at life to get it right.
-Having collected ALL of the radiation, the Plutonian flies back to Qubit, who opens a teleportational portal and sends the radiation into it, saving the Earth.
-However, the radiation has absolutely decimated the Plutonian's body, leaving him weakened and on the brink of death.
-The Plutonian asks why Qubit lied to him, and Qubit explains that he didn't lie, he was going to disperse Plutonian's essence through thousands of alternate realities with the hope that in one of those, the Plutonian could be redeemed...
-And that's it. The Plutonian's world has finally been saved and the Plutonian is gone...
-Or is he???
-This issue ends with two very young comic book creators by the names of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster having suddenly come up with the idea of a certain superman...

Thoughts: Needless to say, this issue was rather bittersweet... This is the last time I'll get to read about Qubit(who had become a favorite character of mine) or Kaiden, or anybody else from this universe... However, I guess it's NOT the last time I'll be reading about the Plutonian since he lives on in Superman! THAT was a sweet piece of storytelling by Mark Waid, which should come as no surprise to anybody. Waid is one of the top writers in all of comics and it's no shock that he ended this issue so wonderfully. In the end, the Plutonian DID kind of get redeemed, as he was reimagined as the greatest hero in the DC Universe. My heart tells me this was a perfect comic book, my head tells me it was a really, really good one. In the case of this comic, I'm definitely going to go with my heart.

Score: 10 out of 10.

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