Thursday, May 3, 2012

Exiled #1

Two more reviews from two books that I'm expecting big things from. Basically, if either of the comics I review tonight score under an 8, I'd consider that a disappointment.

Exiled #1:

Summary: This is gonna be a tough one to get through... Okay, the New Mutants have a neighbor named Zig who has been spying on them since he could sense they weren't quite right. Meanwhile, the Desir escape from Mephisto's Hell, which leads to Mephisto telling Loki, who tells Thor, who tells the Warriors Three. Loki also tells Leah, who tells Hela, who tells... you get the picture. Anyway, Dani confronts Zig about his spying, at which time he reveals that he was actually named Sigurd The Ever-Glorious... Nope, I haven't the slightest who that is... The Desir choose that moment to attack, and are soon confronted by Hela and her forces, as well as Loki and Thor and their forces. Sigurd reads a scroll and all of the Asgardians, as well as the Desir, vanish. This issue ends with the Asgardians seemingly merged together with no knowledge of who they were... I think...

Thoughts: What the HELL was THAT?! Seriously, I have NO idea what I just read! I thought this was an AvX tie-in, but after reading it, it obviously isn't... So does that mean the New Mutants won't be taking part in the AvX festivities? Because that kind of sucks... As for the story here, I've got nothin'. I think/guess Sigurd was attacked by the Desir back in the day, and he's taking his revenge on them... But yeah, this story was a) all over the place and b) not very good. This was a huge disappointment...

Score: 3 out of 10.
exiled #1
What the hell is going on here...


  1. Yeah I was pretty confused this issue but Kid Loki and Mephisto are featured, plus i bet we're gonna get some movement on the magma-mephisto thing going on+ Nate's gonna be in the background at the very least you can have some panels of him for in a few years when your doing your comic pic of the week and the cap is like "Remember the dictator Cyclops years when Nate Grey became part of the scenery?".
    Either was with all the things this mini has going for it there's going to be something good.

  2. ...It seemed a litle all over the place but with Mephisto, Loki, Thor, Thori, and the new Mutans involved something good has to come of this crossover

    I think that Sigurd is one survivor of the warriors the disir where feasting with Before the all father of the moment punish them.

  3. Yea, I can't read a Thor comic without having to Wiki whatever character is in it. Sigurd is some legendary Norse legend who is best known for killing a dragon. I guess if you know your Norse history (who does?) it is kind of a big deal like Achilles showing up in a Hercules comic.

    I am willing to accept how chaotic this first issue is. I really think this series could be very good.

  4. ha Jermox I always Wiki the legendary characters whenever they apear in a Thor or Wonder Woman comic, but almost always they are only related in the name you know like The serpent beign Odin's brother.

  5. So basically we all seem to be in agreement here... This issue was a bit confusing, but STILL has the potential to be good. Like Anon said, Kid Loki, Mephisto and Nate in this comic SHOULD make it good going forward! Hell, at the least I get Nate in a book, even if he's just standing in the background uttering a word or two an issue... That's better than being dead/discorporated!

    Maybe I should use that wiki strategy when reading a Thor related comic... That might be a good idea...

  6. the kid at the end was Loki right? And the foster mom person was a desir? That's kinda how i ended up reading it as.

  7. I thought the kid at the end was Loki and the mom was a combination of Hela and Tyr... It kind of looked like Hela, and I could have sworn she was missing a hand like Tyr. But I could be(and almost definitely am) WAAAAAY off!

    1. You're right...i think your theory is more accurate.

      though that's kinda creepy seeing as Loki is Hela's father...