Saturday, May 26, 2012

I, Vampire #9

Last review of the night is the usually strong I, Vampire. Let's see if this series can shake off the craptitude from that Rise of the Vampire's x-over and get back to telling great stories.

I, Vampire #9:

Story Points:
-It turns out that Andrew and Mary(as well as every vampire on Earth) have gone to Utah... Sure, why not.
-Andrew won't let the vampires eat anything but cow's blood, and they aren't pleased about that...
-However, none of them are strong enough to defeat Andrew, who's still super-charged after the defeat of Cain.
-Meanwhile, Tig and the Professor meet the Van Helsings and tell the vampire hunters that Andrew wanted to see them...
-Needless to say, the Van Helsings are interested in heading to Andrew's location to kill him and all of the other vampires.
-This one ends with Mary challenging Andrew for leadership of the vampire horde.

Thoughts: I have to admit, I didn't enjoy this issue as much as I did the pre-Rise stories... I'm not exactly sure where we're going here... I mean it's obvious that Andrew isn't evil, but most of the vampires with him are... And then there are the Van Helsings, who you'd think were the good guys on account of them being vampire hunters, but are being portrayed as the bad guys. Plus there's Mary, who I guess is at the least crazy, and at most evil. And on top of that all, Andrew still has god-like powers... It looks like this series is still trying to find it's feet after the Rise storyline. Hopefully it finds it's feet quickly!

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.


  1. It sucks that JLD at it's worst brought I, Vamp down with it. Now I, Vamp has to pick itself back and up and get back into the good stuff. I'm kind of curious about the Van Helsings. See what kind of hell they can bring lol.

    And I don't know if its me...but I find it extremely hilarious that hundreds of Vampires are staying in one of THE hottest, driest states. I mean...does the sun really have no effect on them?

  2. "I mean...does the sun really have no effect on them?" Right!? I meant to ask that in this post, but seriously, do ALL vampires in the DCU have some sort of immunity to the sun? That is so strange...