Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avengers Academy #29

Damn is it late... Damned hockey game... Anyway, the last review of the night is what would have been my Pick of the Litter for the week if AvX #3 hadn't dropped. Let's see what's up with my favorite series of 2011.

Avengers Academy #29(AvX tie-in):

Summary: The Avengers drop the kids/teens from Crazy Mutie Island off at the Academy since they didn't want to leave them alone on Crazy Mutie Island with Lord Summers and the Brotherhood out searching for Our Lord and Savior Hope... Man, I have nicknames for everything... Very annoying... Madison Jeffries and Dr. Rao have come with the Crazy Mutie Island kids to the Academy and have agreed to try to keep the peace. On the Academy side, Tigra and Hercules are staying behind to watch over things. Oh yeah, Sebastian Shaw is there as well, and has been locked in a cell that absorbs his kinetic energy. All Shaw asked for were a few books to help him pass the time... More on that in a bit. The kids mainly get along, although a few of them, namely Velocidad and Surge, are more militant and unwilling to cooperate with Academy staff and students. Several hours pass and Shaw has managed to build up a ton of energy by banging a book into his head(AWESOME!!!), which he uses to smash a hole through the bottom of his cell. Tigra and Jeffries discover what he's done and this one ends with the two realizing that they'd have to head into the sewers to catch Shaw.

Thoughts: This was a comic that had some good moments and some meh moments. The scene at the beginning with Hercules and the Academy students was good, dumb fun, and I enjoyed the interaction between X-23 and Finesse in the training room. Quicksilver's small parts in this one also pleased me. Other than that though, this issue was kind of a lot of filler with no real substance. Oh yeah, this issue also helped push forward what we got in AvX #3 with Cap not exactly acting as perfect as we've come to expect him to. All in all this was a pretty good comic, but wasn't great, as this series oftentimes is.

Score: 8 out of 10.
avengers academy #29
The facial expressions of the students MADE this scene.


  1. xD I bought this and 4 other comics today, and when i opened up Avengers Academy WHILE ON A BUS, I was so shocked, and made sure no one was sitting near me xD but i did get a look at their faces.. lol... funny shit lol

  2. HA!!! Imagine if some little old lady was sitting next to you on the bus when you opened up to that first page! :D That would be hilarious!! I loved the fact that each character had a different reaction to Hercules'... display in that scene. Good attention to detail by the artist.

  3. Especially Finesse just standing there analyzing all of Herc's moves.

  4. I think X-23, from the look on her face and the direction of her eyes, made me laugh the hardest.

  5. I think Striker made me laugh the hardest just because he was SO disinterested in Herc... man opening to that made me laugh so hard because it was SO unexpected.

  6. I loved Striker's explanation for his disinterest in Herc actually. What he said to Mettle made so much sense!