Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Legion Lost #9

More CULLING(!!!)!!!

Legion Lost #9:

Story Points:
-The combined forces of the Legion Lost crew, Superboy and the Titans can't make a dent against Harvest and his Null Field.
-Harvest REALLY loves talking about his Null Field.
-Harvest keeps dropping hints that he's from the Legion's time, and that he instigated them coming back in time.
-Timberwolf realizes that Kid Flash was from their time period and wants to attack a confused Kid Flash, but is prevented by his teammates.
-Wildfire(presumably the most powerful of the Legion Lost members) unleashes the full force of his powers against Harvest, but Harvest's Null Field(!)(yes, his Null Field now gets an exclamation point as well) holds up, and this issue ends with Harvest telling the two teams to surrender or die.

Thoughts: Again, like with Superboy, I really enjoyed this issue. It was basically one long battle against Harvest, but several tantalizing hints were dropped about Harvest, his motivations and origin, as well as Kid Flash's origin which kept the battle interesting. I did ignore the Rose/Fairchild stuff because it didn't really seem to lead to anything, but they were here as well. I have to say, this storyline is shocking the hell out of me with how strong it is.

Score: 8 out of 10.

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