Saturday, May 26, 2012

Justice League Dark #9

Let's go to DC today, starting with Justice League Dark, which has a new writer in Jeff Lemire.

Justice League Dark #9:

Story Points:
-Steve Trevor comes to Constantine asking for help in retrieving a magician(Dr. Mist I think was the guy's name...) who had been captured by Felix Faust.
-After Trevor agrees to allow Constantine access to the US government's top secret room where they stored tons of magical artifacts, he agrees to the job.
-Constantine manages to bring Deadman, Andrew Bennett, and Zatanna on board after telling Zatanna that he saw her father's hat in the picture of the secret room Trevor showed him
-The group(along with Black Orchid, who was the government's “babysitter”) head to Peru(I think?) and locate Faust, who's WAY stronger than they expected.
-In the end, the group defeats Faust and rescues Mist.
-They also find the object that was powering Faust, a magical cube that was a map to the locations of the most powerful magical artifacts on Earth.

Thoughts: Now THIS is more like it! I mean I love Peter Milligan's work on Hellblazer, but his work on this series just never clicked for me. But Lemire seems to have a strong grasp of the characters in this series, as well as a good storyline set up and ready to go! This is probably the first time since issue #2 that I'm not dreading the next issue of this series!

Score: 8 out of 10.


  1. This is moooore better than the previous stuff.

    My only complain here is Steve Trevor, it seems like DC is pushing him to be their own Nick Fury?, But Honestly? I would like Amanda "The Wall" Waller to be in that position like 10000000 more times
    than Steve "Wonder Woman dump me" Trevor. What do you think?

  2. YES!!! I'd DEFINITELY prefer Waller in that spot! I've always been a known fan of Waller, and like that she's willing to get dirty to accomplish her goals, not saying Trevor wouldn't get dirty, but Waller would do whatever it takes to get to her goals. But yeah, I am a big fan of Waller!

  3. ahhh you guys always do this to me!!! Lol. Now I have to go get JLD. *Sigh* I hope you're happy X my love. I just hope Lemire doesn't ruin JLD like he did Animal Man for me. He has gone so far into left field with that comic I can't even stomach reading it any more. PLUS there is a Swamp Thing crossover coming. :| Definitely staying away!!!

    But I am glad you're enjoying JLD though. Since A. Bennett is on the team now...where does that leave him in I, Vampire? Any thoughts?

  4. Andrew being on both this team and starring in I, Vamp is intersting in that with the way he's currently over-powered in I, Vamp, they had to explain why he didn't just walk up to Faust and squash him like a bug. In order to fit into this team, you'd think Andrew would have to lose his god-like powers in I, Vamp pretty soon.

  5. " they had to explain why he didn't just walk up to Faust and squash him like a bug"

    Actually Lemire explained that, in this comic... He dont could has used his god like power and Constantine asked to do it, but he anwsered that didn't want to help him that much so he will use only his regular powers in the team and that kind of pissed Constantine

    By the way since lisha mentioned Animal Man (sorry you arent enjoying it as I do lisha)
    The first trade came out already in was an instantly best seller.. I would still recomend it and I cant be more exited about the upcoming crossover with Swamp Thing (both writers explained that there is no need to read both series to understand the story)

  6. That's kind of my point though, Alien. If Andrew really wanted to, he could have just walked through Faust like he was nothing. Andrew said he wouldn't use his powers to help Constantine, but what about the next mission? Is Lemire going to have to keep trying to think of ways to keep Andrew from overpowering the JLD's foes?

    Huh, I didn't see the Animal Man trade at my shop... If I did I probably would have grabbed it... I'll have to ask the owner if he got any come Wednesday.

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  8. Yeah that would be interesting to see, for what I read in one interview, Lemire said that the core team would be Constantine(leader), Zatanna, Deadman,

    and the rest will change dependig who Constantine think will be the best for the mission,

    so maybe Lemire doesn't use Andrew again until he lose his god like powers?

  9. I could actually see Lemire staying away from Andrew until he does lose his powers. That makes the most sense. I really like the idea of a core team of Constantine and Zatanna... Deadman? Not so much...