Saturday, May 19, 2012

JT's Take: Justice League #9 with Brightest Day Rules

Hey X-Maniacs, JT here once again with the commenter requested Justice League review featuring Brightest Day Rules! After the last issue of this series' review was pretty well received, I've been looking forward to this comic for once and it's finally here! Before I get started, anyone new or anyone who wants to get reacquainted with the Brightest Day Rules, feel free to do that by clicking here, now let's get things started!

Justice League #9

Summary: We start things off four years ago, seeing a sickly man named David, the man who wrote the book about the Justice League saving the world five years ago, basically told by his doctor that he's going to die because he's sick, he recommends he tries contacting the League but David says the League can't help him. So David pulls out a gun and kills the doctor, because why the fuck not, right? From there we come back to the present day, where we see the Paparazzi annoying Steve Trevor and asking if Wonder Woman left him for Batman or Superman... after that he goes to see his sister for dinner. Next we see Batman listening to some news report asking why Batman continues to worry about the den of Crime that is Gotham instead of dealing with the world with the League all the time, but it;s interrupted by a report that a villain by the name of The Key breaking into Arkham. Next wee see Lois Lane buy everyone lunch except Clark because she forgot him I guess, anyway he gets a text from Bruce asking if he's busy, so he heads to Arkham to help Bruce deal with the break-in, as does Cyborg. We jump back to Steve Trevor to see him arrive home and notice something is awry, and he's soon confronted by David, the book writer, but cloaked, who says he knows Steve Trevor is more than just Wonder Woman's Ex. We also cut to Green lantern and Flash, arguing about who has to clean up rubble from a fight, and then about who gets to be Bad Cop in an interrogation, and Hal let's Barry be bad cop. Um...okay. They interrogate Weapons Master and Saint Barry screws up so they have Wonder Woman use her lasso to find out that David Graves didn't want him to build him weapons, he just wanted to know how to hurt them. Back in Arkham, Bats, Cyborg and Superman discover The Key was trying to lock himself up because Graves went him his mind and stole everything he knew about the League. You're kidding me right? We then see Steve Trevor is tied up and bleeding from being worked over by Graves, who is dressed in his full villain garb, and threatens to kill Trevor's family in front of him unless he tells him what he wants to know, he concedes as the issue ends.

Thoughts: First things first I'm gonna go -10 for David just pulling out a gun and killing his doctor, that was random and kind of unnecessary, I get that he's a villain now but it came outta nowhere and served no purpose other than, he's bad! -15 for them asking Trevor is Wonder Woman slept with Superman or Batman. +5 for everyone having flashbacks but -25 for Aquaman not being included in this issue at all. -20 for a young Bruce Wayne delivering the line "I don't have a favorite color anymore." Ugh, your parents are dead, don't take it out on colors. And clearly you do, Black is a color. -15 for splitting up Lois and Clark and thinking I'm gonna give a damn when you have him pine after her again. -20 for Barry being a sucky bad cop but +40 for Hal being great at being good cop. Matter of fact, +15 for this series making me like Hal, it may suck but he's been pretty funny. +20 for them acknowledging the fact that even though Flash does stuff quickly, it still seems like forever to him. +20 for Jim Lee's awesome artwork, and another +15 for the way he makes Wonder Woman look radiant like few artists can. -45 for Graves being able to go inside of people's minds and steal their memories... They haven't explained how but until they do I'm calling shenanigans. This issue didn't make me groan as much as previous issues so I'll give it +5 for that.

Score:  -20!? Man I am being too nice!!! X-Man would roll over in his grave, or casket, considering he's a Vampire at how nice I've been lately. Or maybe, this issue is just not as bad as the last one? Time will tell, but that's it for me, hopefully things stay this positive in the future for the Justice League series.

Green Lantern: You could do it in like five seconds, Flash.
The Flash: Relative to you.  Relative to me, it's going to take hours.

That's it for me guys and gals, feel free to let me know what ya think, as well as any other books you think deserve Brightest Day Rules treatment, and until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, signing off.


  1. I think the better quote was when Barry was trying to interrogate Weapons Master and he totally failed. Hahaha

  2. Hey, check it out, a rare JT posting around these parts! I kinda thought you forgot how to post stuff! :P

    Anyway, me being a jackass aside, this was a fun review to read while I eat my dinner... At 7:30AM... Two thing I feel I must point out... This: "So David pulls out a gun and kills the doctor, because why the fuck not, right?" is probably amongst my favorite JT-isms of all time. And you missed a glorious opportunity here: "and Hal let's Barry be bad cop."... What you SHOULD have put was "and Hal let's Barry be bad cop... In BED!" Yep, I've been awake for WAAAAY too long at this point. Fun read as always, Mr. JT. Looking forward to the next one... Whenever THAT may be! :P

  3. I agree Caz lol, I just didn't wanna type all of that. Plus I am happy they acknowledged the time difference for Flash.

    You're always a Jackass X, I'm used to it. And glad you liked that lol, I mean, it was SO outta left field! Sickly old dude, carries a gun to kill doctor in case he has bad news? Wtf?!

  4. Hey, JT...what're your thoughts on JLI getting canceled? What do you think is gonna replace it?
    My thoughts are here:

  5. Ugh, I stopped reading JLI a few issues ago so I can't say I mind, does suck that the only Booster book got canned though, plus they killed off someone I liked for no reason.

  6. Seriously, I was like, "WTF, Graves? It's your doctor's fault?" I'm confused by the hints that Johns leaves here. He seems to be saying that Graves had some sort of connection to the League beyond just writing books about them, but I can't imagine what that would be. Plus, even if he had four years, how the $&%# would a journalist get himself access to whatever secret stuff that turns him into the villain we see here? I'm not sure I'm going to wind up buying the explanation. But, at least this issue was seriously stronger than the last few issues. I hate DC a little less for making me shell out $3.99 a month for it! I'm actually getting to the point where I would just prefer to see a book about Steve...

  7. JW! I've seen ya making your rounds over the last few days, glad ya made it here. I was thinking the same thing! Like why... kill the doctor?! He wasn't a dick about it and he tried to help! And yeah, there are some weird clues being left, and I saw a article at bleeding cool where they made sense of it but I shouldnt HAVE to make sense of it! It's for new readers! If I'm this damn confused over what's happening with Graves then imagine somone who started reading in September!

    Dude... you are preaching to the choir, I mean don't get me wrong, there were some cool things and I do like the banter between Hal and Barry in each book, although I would prefer Wally... but yeah, if I wasn't doing Brightest Day Rules for these I would've been done with this series. Sad thing is, the SHAZAM back up is probably one of the best things DC is doing right now imo, right under Batman, Aquaman and a few other really good books.