Friday, May 11, 2012

Avengers Assemble #3

(As a note, you should probably check out THIS post first for an explanation of what's going on here)
Really, all I can say here is which Bendis will we get? Good Bendis, who can write a good story, or bad Bendis, whose dialogue gets TOTALLY out of control? We shall see...

Avengers Assemble #3:

Story Points:
-The Avengers and the Zodiac battle, with the prize being the Ultimate Nullifier.
-Cap has the Black Widow take the Nullifier and hide, while the rest of the Avengers try to deal with the Zodiac.
-Hulk manages to beat one of the Zodiac so badly they lose their powers, at which point Iron Man realizes the Zodiac's powers were being beamed to them.
-Iron Man rigs up a device to disrupt the powers being sent to the Zodiac, thus depowering them.
-The Avengers demand to know who was supplying the Zodiac with their powers, at which time THANOS shows up(!!!), ending this one!

Thoughts: Yeah, the ending totally saved this one for me! The Thanos revelation was excellent, and actually makes sense story-wise, so props to Bendis for that. The Ultimate Nullifier not only destroys whatever it's aimed at, it also destroys the user, so it makes perfect sense that Thanos would want it(through the Zodiac as his minions), as it could, possibly, end his life, as well as several others. Sure, this one dragged in the middle, and the dialogue did get a bit crazy at times, but or a Bendis comic? This one was pretty good, with a damn good ending.

Score: 7 out of 10.


  1. You know its pretty sad that we all have to lower our standards to appreciate the work of Bendis.
    I don't really understand how Thanos is back but I love him so i'll let it pass for now.
    What ever happened to the Marvel Space side of their comics, I mean I know that Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy pretty much carried that whole thing, and with Nova and Star-Lord out of the picture those series are pretty much out of play but you would think that now of all times what with phoenix being a cosmic force destroying a bunch of planets the annihilators would do something about or someone would do something about other that earth people, why isn't cosmo convincing anyone to appear in my comics?

  2. "You know its pretty sad that we all have to lower our standards to appreciate the work of Bendis." <--- This, 1,000,000%! That is SO true! I usually open a Bendis written comic expecting next to nothing, so when it's okay, I'm ecstatic. That really is sad, and I think Bendis is the only current writer who I feel that way about.

    Agreed with Thanos. No clue how he returned, but I'll let it slide, because THANOS is back! :D

    The point about the Annihilators is a great one(this entire comment is full of great points actually!)... Why AREN'T they involved AT ALL with the AvX event? I mean at least give them a mini-series showing that they're trying to do something about the out-of-control Phoenix Force! What kind of cosmic guardians are they that they don't notice a cosmic entity running rampant destroying entire planets?