Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Avengers #26

Yup, it's time for Bendis and his Avengers madness... All I can really hope at this point is that I can get through this comic with my sanity intact...

Avengers #26(AvX x-over):

Story Points:
-The Space Avengers are bummed that Beast's anti-Phoenix device didn't end the threat of the Phoenix and that the space bird was still headed towards Earth.
-However, Protector realizes that Thor's hammer managed to absorb some of the Phoenix's powers, which ends up leading to a Plan B for the space team...
-Thor heads out against the Phoenix, ALONE, and attacks it with his hammer.
-Shockingly, he actually harms the Phoenix to the point of it retreating, but is absolutely thrashed in the process...
-But with the retreat of the Phoenix the Space Avengers at least have SOMETHING to hang their collective hats on, as well as some new data collected from the battle between Thor and the Phoenix.
-Unfortunately, Protector turns on the team, proclaiming that he had to take all of the Avengers data on the Phoenix and send it to the Supreme Intelligence, who he was secretly working for.

Thoughts: Wait, did my eyes deceive me, or was Bendis's name on the cover of this comic!? This was EASILY one of the best Avengers issues he's written since the early issues of this series(say issues #1-6 or so). I mean wow, Bendis didn't do all of the things I usually complain about in this one... The dialogue WASN'T out of control, and DIDN'T take away from the artwork, the story DID make sense, and none of the characters annoyed me with their constant chattering... Maybe THIS is the team of Avengers Bendis should stick to writing, because he did a fantastic job!

Score: 9 out of 10.


  1. Dammit.......... I wasent gonna buy this arc......................... but if you give a 9 to a bendis book...... im In!

    if i may say so i think all of bendis's stuff on new avengers up until civil war was good, there was the arc in the savage land witch was meh, but the ones fallowing that with Ronin (maya lopez), the arc about the sentry, and the one about The Collective/Michael Pointer going on a rampage (killing alpha flight) was all pretty damn good, and some of the new avengers stuff during dark reign was good and of course dark avengers and seige was great,
    bad unenjoyably rambling bendis is actualy a pretty recent development

  2. This seems to be a tie-in to Secret Avengers, but seems to contradict a lot of what is happening in Secret Avengers.

  3. HA! Well if you do pick this up, Movieartman, I def hope you like it! And I agree with almost all of what you said there about Bendis. I liked Disassembled a lot, and I'd say I was enjoying New Avengers up until the post-House of M stuff. I was still enjoying the series, but there were some cracks in the writing starting to show. By the time we reached Secret Invasion? Forget it, NA was pretty much unreadable for me! But yeah, Bendis sort of turned it around with Siege and Dark Avengers was shockingly good. I also liked the first storyarc of Avengers(with Kang and the Avengers kids), but Fear Itself really made a mess of Avengers(imho). Hopefully Good Bendis continues for a few issues!

    It's odd that two writers are writing the same storyline, with the same basic points(Protector betrays the Avengers) but in totally different ways, Jermox... I don't get why Bendis doesn't write about one group of Avengers and Remender writes about another... I mean it's not like there aren't enough Avengers to go around!

  4. I came here right after reading "Avengers," because I, too, wanted to see what people thought about how it relates to "Secret Avengers." It seems to me that the entire plot of "Secret Avengers" #26-#28 may happen between panels on this issue. We start the issue somewhere after "Secret Avengers" #26, I'm guessing the whole Captain Marvel stuff from (presumably) "Secret Avengers" #27 happens off-panel before Ms. Marvel's and the Protector's conversation in this issue, and then we'll get some more details about the Protector's experiments in "Secret Avengers" #28. Otherwise, the timing makes absolutely no sense to me, particularly given the whole Thor-crashing-into-the-Moon moment that ends "Avengers vs. X-Men" #4. So far, I'd say the (apparent) lack of coordination between these two series is the only miss in this event.

    I'm surprised, too, that they're focusing so much on the Space Team. I mean, we've barely seen the Wakanda or Wundagore Mountain teams in action. Why not show some of those details, particularly given the fact that you'd imagine Black Panther versus Storm would be, um, interesting?

  5. JW
    the fight between storm and black panther will take place in AVX Versus in Augest

  6. That timeline is as good as any, JW... I seriously don't have the slightest idea when anything took place with the Space Avengers, so I can't even add anything! Like I said, it's weird that we have two writers following the same team but going at it in totally different ways... In SA, doesn't Ms. Marvel say something like, "I know you're working for the Supreme Intelligence." Considering his actions in this issue, I think all of the Space Avengers know that fact! I honestly can't figure out where to slot the issues from those two series...

  7. Ooooo, thanks, Movie. I look forward to it!

    Seriously, this one and "Secret Avengers" make no sense to me. So far, I think everything else is great, but these two are just plain ol' weird.