Friday, May 11, 2012

A Post!

So I managed to type up 8 “reviews”(and I'll explain the quotation marks in a few...) at work earlier today/last night. But here's the thing, I was pretty bare-bones with the actual reviewing due to, you know, limited time and only having an hour and not having the comics on hand and such. I also won't be able to post any scans for said comics, due to the fact that I didn't have my scanner with me at work. I MIGHT try to scan every comic I read and then just do a post(or two) of scans towards the end of the week(on one of my two days off), but we'll see how it goes. Consider the reviews I post later on today(say in about 12 hours) the beta test for what the blog will look like going forward. Naturally, comments and recommendations are appreciated on the upcoming reviews, as I'll use them to try to continue testing things out until I'm happy with what I post. That's it for me, the sun is out, therefore I have to go to sleep. Until later, Vampire X out.

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