Sunday, May 13, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #25

This is a $5 comic, so it better be really good! That is all.

Uncanny X-Force #25:

Story Points:
-Wolverine sends Deadpool into some sort of high tech assassin dealership, where they customize assassins to go after particular targets.
-Psylocke tells Fantomex that what they had was a one night stand and absolutely nothing else. Fantomex is devastated.
-Psylocke tells Wolvie she was leaving the team, since she'd been battered recently with the death of Warren(kind of...) and her brother Jamie.
-Fantomex leaves as well, claiming it was the lack of Warren's money, with the obvious reason being Psylocke leaving.
-AOA Nightcrawler decides he'd stay on.
-Pool gets in trouble and calls for back-up, at which time Wolvie and Nightcrawler are attacked by some lab-grown versions of Omega Red called the Omega Clan, who all seem to hate Wolvie.

Thoughts: This was a welcome issue after the junk we've been dealing with as of late... We got to see that Psylocke IS really hurting as a result of everything that happened to her recently, we saw that Fantomex DOES seem to care more about Psylocke than as a conquest, and we see that AOA Nightcrawler seems to want to stay in this world. This was a really strong first issue for this storyline, although it sure as hell wasn't worth the $5 Marvel was selling it for... Ah Marvel...

Score: 8 out of 10.

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