Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teen Titans Annual #1

Okay, I'm back on my regular schedule tonight! Well, that's not exactly accurate as I actually typed this review up yesterday and set it to post now... But that's neither here nor there. What is here is the comic that I'm fairly certain I picked for my Runt of the Litter this week! That probably didn't need an exclamation point actually... Eh, anyway, I'm hoping this issue turns out better than I'm expecting, but I'm not holding my breath.

Teen Titans Annual #1:

Summary: You know what happens when two super-hero teams meet up for the first time, don't you? The Teen Titans and the Legion squad from the Legion Lost series have both been captured by Harvest for THE CULLING(!!!) which is now getting the over-the-top treatment since we STILL don't know what it's all about/why Harvest does it/how long it's been going on... Anyway, the Titans think the Legionaries are Ravagers for Harvest, while the Legionaries believe the same thing about the Titans. If you can't figure out what happens next, you REALLY need to read more comic books... After the obligatory super-hero misunderstanding© ends, Harvest sends his major troops out to... um, CULL(!!!) the two team, I guess.

Thoughts: Sarcasm aside, this wasn't a terrible comic book. To be honest, I was expecting way worse. Yeah sure, this NOWHERE/Harvest storyline has gone on way too long for my tastes(which seems to be a running theme regarding Scott Lobdell written comics), but this comic was just good, dumb fun. You really didn't need to think much while reading it, it was straightforward(or at least as straightforward as a Teen Titans comic has been post-reboot), and most importantly, Red Robin wasn't a half bird/half boy creature in this issue! Hey, I have to look for the good wherever I can find it!

Score: 6 out of 10.
teen titans annual #1
Oh no, they're CULLING(!!!) each other!


  1. Oh X, your puns and use of exclamation marks culled me! CULLING!!!!

  2. "Oh X, your puns and use of exclamation marks culled me!" UGH!!! That was awesomely horrible, JT!

  3. I've been a huge fan of Teen Titans since the relaunch. I think that if you can put up with a...what, 20-million-part Batman story? This 9-issue story isn't that bad. Plus in the next few issues you'll get to see Brett Booth's amazing dinosaurs. And am I the only one who went to get the New 52 Free Comic Book Day issue and was amazed by it?

  4. This issue was OK, but, man, it was so clear that the addition of the "Legion Lost" folks was a super-cynical money grab on the part of DC. Without the "hypertaxis virus" (whatever the &$#@ that is), it would've made no sense for them to be there; this story made perfect sense (or, well, as much sense as it could) when it was just meta-humans. I hate reading a comic when I know that the whole point of it -- getting me to fork over another $4 == is so transparent.

  5. HA, yeah Caz, compared to Batman, this storyline isn't THAT long. I am enjoying the Court of Owls way more though, so that makes a difference. But I AM hopeful that after this Culling story ends I'll start really enjoying this series. This is a series I desperately want to like, but just haven't yet.

    I can't really blame DC, JW... I think they realize they made a major goof by not doing a company-wide event to compete with AvX from Marvel. Idk if you saw them, but the numbers for AvX #1 were HUGE. And then of course you have the numbers for the Avengers movie, which were astronomical! And you have to think the Avengers movie will bring a few new fans Marvel's way, thus adding MORE sales to AvX. DC really needs to try to entice folks into buying their lower/mid-selling titles, which explains all of these mini x-overs we're getting. Now people who buy Titans(us) will have to buy Legion Lost in order to follow the full story. It makes sense, but I still say they should have had a company-wide event... Marvel is going to obliterate them this summer...

  6. I thought I posted this but maybe not. What the hell happened to Warblade? I do not like the new version.

  7. Agreed. They REALLY need to change him up big time, bcause this version flat out sucks.