Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morning Glories #18

Ah, here's probably my favorite non Marvel series on the market today! Let's see what type of awesomeness Nick Spencer brings us here.

Morning Glories #18:

Story Points:
-Jun gets attacked by his no good brother.
-Jun is saved by a kid named Guillaume, who Jun knows from the past...
-Flashback time! Guillaume and eventually Jun were sent to Morning Glories Academy to bring it down and/or rescue Abraham, who had trained both boys. Guillaume was a bully to Jun back then, but apparently he was bullying Jun to get Jun's attention...
-Back in the present, Guillaume tells Jun that he had made it turn to night and made the teachers disappear.
-While in a classroom, Jun and Guillaume make out, and then some!
-The two are interrupted when the hear Jun's brother roaming around the halls with his goons.
-Jun's brother is planning to sacrifice a goat, which screws with Guillaume's plans, so he has to retreat to the woods to meet with his contact(I think...).
-This one ends with Zoe standing over that girl she stabbed a few issues back.

Thoughts: Okay, first things first, I love the reveal that Jun is gay. Jun was probably one of, if not the most boring student in this series, so him being gay, and having a lover in Guillaume actually makes him into a more complete character, so I liked that a lot. Story-wise though, this issue was kind of everywhere... Sure, the character development with Jun was great, but I have NO idea what was going on with Guillaume, or Zoe, or, well, anything else. But here's hoping that gets fixed up some the next issue, which is the conclusion to this storyline.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.


  1. Man, Jun being gay came outta left field. I figured you'd like that change because his character was stale, like you said, plus you were a fan of a certain Avengers Academy member coming out as well. As for this issue, you are not alone in being confused as shit, hopefully we get some answers next month with Zoe.

  2. Man, this series needs to start having recaps or at least little bubbles saying who the characters are, I swear to god maybe I'm just an idiot but I couldn't figure out which guy was Jun and which one was his brother since they seem to switch names every other chapter, is the gay one the one who was part of the original team?arghhh! frustration!

  3. Let me answer for X, Anon, the one who is a homosexual is in fact the Jun from the original team, and not his evil bastard of a brother, who is named Jun but called something else, in short, yes it's VERY confusing.

  4. Yep, JT nailed it, Anon. The guy we know as Jun(one of the original MG students) actually uses his brother's name... It was from that issue where the MG staff came for Jun's brother, so they swapped clothes and the staff members took the wrong kid... I think... In short, I just call them Jun and Jun's evil brother... It's easier that way! :D

    Yeah JT, I thought out of all the characters, Jun was probably the most boring. He was just sort of there. He had no real relationships, except for his friendship with Hunter. Giving him a love interest, especially if Guillaume becomes a regular/semi-regular character is a good thing imo. Now we need to do something about Jade, and every character will be interesting! Oh, and needless to say, I can't wait to see what goes on with Zoe next issue! I've been waiting a LONG time to get back to her!