Friday, May 18, 2012

Avengers Academy #30

Okay, first review I'm typing up at work this week is the comic that very easily could have been my Pick of the Litter, and on a normal week would have been, Avengers Academy.

Avengers Academy #30(AvX x-over):

Story Points:
-This issue mainly revolves around X-23, who is in the unique position of knowing the X-Men kids who were being held at Avengers Academy, as well as being a part of the Academy.
-Also of note is Sebastian Shaw, who broke free last issue and was lurking around the sewers of the Academy.
-X-23 talks to many of her fellows in the Academy trying to figure out her stance on the whole AvX thing.
-As for Shaw, he takes down Tigra, Hercules and Madison Jeffries, who were hunting for him.
-In the end, X-23 decides that the Avengers were probably right about the Phoenix being bad news...
-But she disagrees with Wolverine's decision to force the younger mutants on Crazy Mutie Island to stay at the Academy, and as such sides with them, demanding their freedom.
-This one ends with Shaw appearing before all of the kids, telling them that he agreed that they shouldn't be forced to stay on the Academy grounds.

Thoughts: Really good stuff here. Whiz Kid actually brought up the whole Japanese internment camps argument, just like Alien did here at the blog last issue, so kudos to Alien for picking up on that. I really have no complaints about this one... X-23 gave pros and cons for both sides, and in the end she kind of agreed with different mindsets from both sides. It was nice to see X-23 actually, you know, think for once.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.

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