Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Mutants #42

So this is the third part of that Exiled storyline that's crossing over with Journey into Mystery... I didn't really like the first part, but enjoyed the second part. What will the third part bring???

New Mutants #42:

Story Points:
-The New Mutants and Loki go around collecting various items/pieces from the former Asgardians.
-The plan is for Loki to create a spell to undo the first spell he gave Sig that transformed all of the Asgardians into their current Non-Asgardian forms.
-Loki does the spell and when the New Mutants ask if he had fixed everything, Loki tells them off course not... Since he really didn't get his memories back and was just role-playing with the New Mutants...
-Upon walking outside though, the New Mutants and Loki see that he did do some sort of spell, as weird demons were menacing the community, ending this issue.

Thoughts: Okay, I really wasn't enjoying this issue all that much. I mean it was okay, but not something I was all that enthused about. But that twist with Loki was genius! Never once did I imagine that he DIDN'T have his memories and was just playing along with the New Mutants. It makes such perfect sense too, because Loki in his current, non-Asgardian form was a really lonely kid, so it makes sense that he'd play along with the New Mutants spell-making “game”. So yeah, that twist alone brought the score for this issue to the point of respectability.

Score: 7 out of 10.

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