Saturday, May 12, 2012

Batman #9

Time to go to the DCU, starting with Batman.

Batman #9:

Story Points:
-Batman and the Talons battle in the Batcave, while Bats waits for the temperature to drop low enough to put the Talons into hibernation.
-That gamble works, but nearly gets Bats killed by the plethora of Talons.
-Bats heads out to the nearest living person the Talons had targeted, Lincoln March.
-Bats is too late, and March is dying, but lives long enough to give a dramatic last speech, basically telling Bats to tell Bruce Wayne to continue trying to drag Gotham upward to the future.
-March also tells Bats that he had narrowed down the leader of the Court of Owls(see, I told you his death scene was long!) and gives Bats three names.
-This one ends with Bats declaring he'd take the battle to the Court's home now.

Thoughts: Not bad. I still don't see why this story is encompassing more than just Batman, but DC needs a x-over to compete with AvX, I guess. This issue was, as usual, good. It wasn't great, and I haven't the slightest how March was able to track the Court down to three names when Bats couldn't(unless March IS a member of the Owls and is trying to get rid of his fellow bird-brains by faking his death), but it was a better than average comic book.

Score: 8 out of 10.


  1. So, with the story at the end, is anyone else thinking that this is gonna be retconned so the Court of Owls are the one's who killed Bruce's parents and not Joe Chill? Or he's working with the court or something? That's the impression I got from the back-up story anyway.

    1. I thought the same thing, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. But ever since his run on Detective Comics, Scott Snyder has been excellent, so I trust him.

  2. HA! I'll take your word for it, I basically skimmed the back-up story! It had something to do with Alfred's father, and since I had so many other comics to try to get through at work, I was all, "I ain't got no time to read about Alfred's daddy!" and skimmed it... Maybe I should actually give that a read, eh?

  3. ...It seem all like that JT, but from Snyder intervuews he said that the death of Bruce's parent at Joe Chill hands is sacred history for him and that he hasn't any intention in change it.. So will be interesting to see what is the court involvement with the Waynes cuz if they arent the responsibles for the Waynes death an nothing relevant hapens in that backup it will be totally meanigless..

  4. Well, for my sake, seeing as that I didn't read it, let's hope the back-up story IS meaningless! :D

  5. I had the same thought, JT, so, Alien, thanks for commenting on Snyder's motivations. It seemed to me like he was obviously gunning for it, and, although I trust Snyder, I was starting to get worried. Now, I can be a little calmer as I progress through the event!

    Was it weird to anyone else (and, yes, I know I'm a month behind!) that Bruce essentially chose Arkham over March? I mean, when I read "Detective Comics" #9, I was left wondering why in God's name Bruce would make that choice, and I was hoping Snyder would give us Bruce's justification in this issue. Instead, Bruce just sort of announces it to Alfred without any explanation. I mean, Bruce had to know that he was in all likelihood condemning March to death, particularly because it was pretty clear that the Court also had its eyes set on March before its "Night of the Owls" began (and the list was expanded). I don't think it's a stretch to argue that March would've done more good for Gotham than Arkham or that Arkham was better protected in the Asylum than March was in his office. Bruce's decision to go to Arkham first, therefore, really, really bothers me. It was, for me, a rare misstep for Snyder, because the whole issue (and, probably, the whole event) turns on that choice, and I didn't buy it. I guess we'll see how it progresses, but, right now, I'm kind of disappointed with the way things are going.

  6. The March/Arkham thing may actually be Snyder's way of saying that Bruce DOES/DID suspect March was somehow in bed with the Court. That may explain why Bats went to save Arkham, because he figured March wouldn't be killed by the Court since he's a member. Of course I could be reading WAAAY too much into things, but who knows, maybe Bats(much like myself) has a feeling that there's more to March than meets the eye...

  7. Huh. That makes a lot of sense, X. I, too, had at least some suspicions that March was involved, which Snyder made pretty clear that he wanted us to have. I do wish Snyder would've given us at least SOMETHING to show that Bats was acting on this suspicions, like Bats commenting, "Lincoln can...handle himself," or something. I just feel like it's such a huge shift in the plot that it merited a little more attention than it got. I'm almost done with the whole thing. I've only got "B:TDK" and the "Batman" annual to go, and I'm excited about that latter because I see that you and JT both loved it.