Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Comic Day! May 23 edition.

It's Wednesday. It's an indiscriminate time in the middle of the day. I'm probably sound asleep after a night at work... You know what all of those things added together mean, don't you??? That's right, it's time for a freshly minted edition of New Comic Day!!! Huzzah!!! I am, and always have been your host, Vampire X, and this week looks... Well, instead of me talking about it, how about we first take a gander at which comic books I intend on picking up in a few hours time... Irredeemable #37, I, Vampire #9, Justice League Dark #9, Teen Titans #9, Voodoo #9, Amazing Spider-Man #686, Captain America #12, Captain America and Hawkeye #631, Deadpool #55, Journey Into Mystery #638, Mighty Thor #14, Secret Avengers #27, Ultimate X-Men #12. I also plan on getting Batman: The Dark Knight #9, Hulk Smash Avengers #4(starring the West Coast Avengers!) as well as MAYBE picking up Astonishing X-Men #50 & Batman Incorporated #1 too... So that's a definite 13 books, up to a possible 17 books, if I do get those extra books... 13? That's a perfect number for a week. 17? Not so much.

Anyway, this week's Pick of the Litter could go to a number of books, because there's not really one that jumps out at me. Well, that's not exactly true... This week's #1 pick, and the first book I plan on reviewing is going to be Irredeemable #37, the final issue... Irredeemable has been a fantastic series. Mark Waid has done a fantastic job with this series. I am going to be genuinely sorry to see it end. For those of you who don't know, Irredeemable is/was a series that examined what would happen to the world if Superman went totally insane and decided he was going to punish society instead of helping it. All I'll say is I honestly hope this series ends in one of two manners... Either the Plutonian finally dies to answer for all of his horrendous acts(and NOT in a heroic fashion!), or the Plutonian kills the final few people who could stand up against him(namely Qubit) and this series simply ends with the Plutonian continue to batter his hapless world into submission. I really hope this series doesn't end with the Plutonian being redeemed in some way, shape or manner... But enough about that, on the other end of the spectrum is this week's Runt of the Litter, Voodoo #9... This is a series I was hoping for so much from. Unfortunately, it's been going nowhere since the SHOCKING clone-related swerve from a few issues back. After the mess with Spidey in the mid-90's, you'd think comic writers would have learned to avoid changing main characters with clones(and vice-versa), but alas, they haven't. Now, I SHOULD have that post for Irredeemable up tonight(as well as two reviews left over from last week), and I'm hoping to get another fresh review up for tomorrow(along with the remainder of last week's books), before getting back into my two new books a night groove. But as always, my plans tend to be very fluid... And that's that. Until later on tonight, Vampire X out.


  1. About Batman INC. Omly one coment...


    Hhahaha Hope yopu bought that one I like it a lot.

  2. *Sigh* I know I know, I've been a very bad future wife. :( I haven't commented in so long. I feel really terrible. I understand if you're upset with me my love but I am here, finally!

    I haven't completely neglected my favorite blog in the world, I do peep in from time to time and check out your reviews. So Hopefully I got few brownie points for that, lol.

    I personally had a light week this week, but as for you my love, always with the high number of comics!! I see not too much has changed about my X! So lets see, what will I be keeping and eye on as far as reviews go. I, Vampire #9 (I'll wait to see what you thought before I voice my opinion, lol) Justice League Dark #9 (I didn't pick this up, maybe it's a good read and I'll get it next week), Voodoo #9, Amazing Spider-Man #686.

    Hopefully work isn't putting a beating on you and you get to enjoy your comics on your break. :) Don't work too hard hun.

  3. I actually picked up Batman Inc and Hulk Smash Avengers, Alien. Dark Knight wasn't in stock when I got there, and I decided against Astonishing... Too much money for a team I don't really like... I should be reading Batman Inc tonight, so I'll know what you're getting at!

    You can come and go as you please, Lisha! You know that! You shouldn't feel obligated to type up a comment. Trust me, I know what it's like to be crazy busy! I read I, Vamp and JLD last night/morning/whenever it was, and I was meh about I, Vamp but I really liked JLD for like the first time ever! The new writer seems to have some idea of what to do with that series! I haven't gotten to Voodoo yet, and Spidey was awesome, as usual! Honestly, except for the crazy hours, and sleeping all day, working overnight really hasn't been that bad. I'm pretty surprised!

  4. Dont worry about The Dark Knight issue, I havent read it either, but for the reviews it does not have anything of what the cover promotes as Tim Drake only appears in one panel!!!....

  5. HA! Yup, JT said the same thing! He only picked that issue up for the Red Robin apparance and I know he wasn't happy about that one panel thing!

  6. Aww you're such a sweetheart X. :) I have to come around every now and then, right?!

    I'm hoping since I, Vamp took that hit due to the terrible JLD cross over it gets better. And you seriously don't know how hard it was for me to NOT get JLD lol. Maybe I'll read it at the shop next time I go lol. I just don't want to get my hopes up and have it put back on my pull list and it starts to suck again. I'll see come Wednesday if I'll actually get it lol.

    Glad to see work isn't too crazy. Can't have them working my future BF too hard, :-P lol.

  7. You know I cherish the times you do leave me a comment, Lisha! ;)

    Yeah, I think I, Vamp is still trying to figure out what direction to go in after that x-over. That's the feel I got after reading that issue though. Flipping through JLD at the shop may actually be a really good idea, that way you can test it out before putting it back on the pull list and being disappointed... Again!

    Does JT know? :P

  8. Awww you're such a sweetheart.

    Flipping through the book is what had me standing tehref or about ten minutes deciding on whether or not I would get the issue. But I just opted out for that and decided to pick up the first trade of Thor by JMS. So maybe I will go pick it up after all. Lol. I'll flip a coin, best 2 out of 3 lol.

    And Shhhh don't say his name too loud lol. You know he'll come from out the shadows like Batman, Lol.

  9. Mmm, I'll be interested to hear what you thought about JMS's Thor run... I remember giving it a shot and just not getting into it. It took me about three more years before I finally started reading Thor on a regular basis.

    HA! The scary thing is that he WILL pop up too! It's just a matter of time...