Sunday, May 13, 2012

Captain America #11

Man, I am TOTALLY blanking on this issue... I can see that I gave it a VERY high score, but I'm having a tough time remembering anything... Oh well, hopefully once I start typing it'll all come rushing back to me...

Captain America #11:

Story Points:
-A new Scourge is running around killing criminals... Criminals who were in the witness protection program.
-Cap sends Diamondback and Dum Dum Dugan to investigate, because when you need a case solved, look to the guy named “Dum Dum”...
-Cap brings three agents into his office and demands to know which one had been leaking the locations of the hidden criminals. One of the agents screams, “Hail Hydra”, thus outing himself and leaps out a window. Cap follows, but the Hydra sleeper takes some poison, killing himself.
-While protecting a member of the Serpent Society/Squad, Diamondback and Dum Dum are attacked by the Scourge. He handles the two heroes with little problem, and this one ends with Diamondback recognizing Scourge's voice.

Thoughts: I did like this issue, and I DID start to remember what happened in it as I started typing, so hurrah for me! So yes, Cap is STILL dealing with the Hydra Queen and Bravo, but they didn't actually appear in this one, which is a huge plus for me. Oh, and one more thing... Please, please, please let this Scourge be Jack Monroe(Nomad)... It wouldn't be the first time he was the Scourge, Diamondback WOULD know his voice, and I really want him to come back...

Score: 9 out of 10.


  1. I too loved this issue. The art was great. A really dark edge to it. The story is going to be a little more serious which is nice because th last arc wasn't really. I enjoyed the last arc. It felt a little like Gruenwald cap to me. However, I am looking forward to this one. I need to read more about scourge though. I only own a few issues with him so I'd like to freshen up before next issue!

  2. That original Scourge storyline went on seemingly forever! I mean it's not like I read it at the time, but from back issues and stuff it seemed like something that Marvel really dragged out, across several different comic series, before it was (kind of/sort of) ended in Cap. And then the T-Bolts did a Scourge storyline in their series that ended with Baron Zemo being killed(I think). Thinking back, maybe I should pull a few Cap back issues too... I don't recall the end to the Scourge story ever being decisive or anything...