Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Avengers vs X-Men #4

Hey, I have about an hour or so before I have to go to work, so I figured why not do a post for this week's Pick of the Litter tonight instead of waiting until Friday?! So here we go, the forth issue of Avengers vs X-Men.

Avengers vs X-Men #4(of 12):

Story Points:
-Hope hunts down Wolverine in the Antarctic(where Cap tossed him) and asks for Wolvie to trust that she could control the Phoenix. Wolvie is dubious, but the two decide that Wolvie would stick close by and that if Hope DID go out of control, Wolvie would end her. With that, the two decide they needed a spaceship and Hope takes a nap...
-The Avengers and X-Men battle in the five different locations they thought Hope was at but come up empty.
-Using Cerebra, Emma manages to gain access to Captain America's mind(damn her!) and learns that the Avengers had discovered where Hope was going.
-Wolvie and Hope knock over an AIM base and steal an AIM spacecraft, heading to the blue area of the moon with it.
-Upon arriving, Hope can sense the Phoenix drawing closer, but is shocked to find the Avengers waiting there for her. Wolverine reveals that HE contacted the Avengers while Hope was napping and told them where she was headed.
-However, the X-Men arrive as well(since they learned of Hope's whereabouts through Cap's mind) and demand Hope as well.
-The two teams skirmish again, at least until Thor comes crashing to the moon...
-The two teams look up and sure enough, the Phoenix has arrived!

Thoughts: This issue was interesting... It was all about getting us to the cliffhanger, with everybody on the moon and the Phoenix arriving. Really, nothing else mattered. Well, Wolvie and Hope teaming up was pretty important, but the rest of this issue was just a bunch of random fights. Now I DID have one little problem with this one... Cap tossed Wolvie out of the plane last issue because he didn't want Hope murdered, just taken into protective custody, right? Wolvie and Hope meet up in this issue and Hope takes a nap WITH Wolvie flying her plane... If Wolvie really wanted Hope dead, since that was probably the surest way to make sure the Phoenix Force DIDN'T possess her(if that's even it's intention), why didn't he simply kill her while she slept? He easily could have, AND nobody would have known a thing... That was really strange to me... I guess Wolvie's actions here have now and forever firmly planted Wolvie in the ranks of the Avengers, because he not only didn't kill Hope, he took her right to them. Bottom line, this issue was a set-up issue. Now the next issue? That should be FULL of fireworks!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.


  1. Did you notice Nate was in there using telepathy?

  2. On the dinosaurs? I sure did! Methinks somebody didn't do their homework regarding that scene!

  3. You guys know that Nate had acute nerve damage right?! But an acute nerve damage on a being as powerful as a full potential Nate Grey wouldn't hamper such a powerset as he has for long. It was quite evident that Nate's telepathy was reawakening from its dorment state in JIM when he was able to detect reality warping. I mean in the previous NM arc, his TK was well beyond what he stated it was when he needed to push himself to protect people he is close to. True to Nate during his solo adventures, usually he would find out many new ways his powers could be utilized in this manner of - push to protect. Is it really far fetched that a fully functional Nate Grey who is healing now quite rapidly to now start to access his telepathy psionics when needed?! I believe we saw glimpses of it beginning to show face when he was sleep walking and stood in a puzzled stare in the beginning of the NM arc prior to this crossover. I believe the big guns at marvel PURPOSELY decided to gradually unleash his TP psionics (in this particular crossover), since many fans (both old and now new) would expect Nate to have some type of serious upgrades of sorts during the AvX event. So I personally believe this crossover event is pivotal for young Nate's future psionic development. After all, DnA did promise that his role would become more prominent and you would have to think that this would most definitely happen as his powerset reawakens while assisting his teammates, which of course DnA admitted to regarding Nate's star treatment on the NM team. It looks like DnA are rebuilding Nate into a popular and main star player on the team as we all very well see in this storyarc. By next May, if not before, we should more than likely be seeing a near fully recovered Nate Grey on an X-team with a prominent role similiar to Thor on the Avengers team.

    1. Maybe, but I am guessing when we go back to New Mutants we will only see TK. My bet's on somebody not doing their homework.

  4. I'm kind of in agreement with Jermox here... If Nate did have some sort of major power upgrade, I'd think it would take place in New Mutants, not on like a single page of AvX. Most people probably missed it since it was just one page(iirc). I still think Nate WILL regain his full powers, but I kind of think this was a goof by the artist and/or writer...

  5. Was anyone else really surprised that the Phoenix has arrived so early? I mean, Cyclops here mentions that the X-Men's only real goal was to keep Hope safe and free until the Phoenix arrived. So, unless Logan kills Hope next issue (doubtful), it seems that they accomplished that. As such, we're either going to see Hope become Phoenix or we're going to learn that the Phoenix actually intended to find another host (such as Wanda). I'm starting to think that Hope is a MacGuffin, and the main focus of this event is going to very quickly shift to something that we can't even guess is going to happen yet. Exciting!

  6. I THINK(and I could be wrong) that Marvel is advertising issue #5 as the halfway point of the series(which makes no sense...) which has me believing we'll get our big event moment towards the end. I honestly wouldn't be shocked to see the Phoenix reject and kill Hope to end the next issue, leaving everybody shocked and at a loss. Regardless, I get the feeling the end of the next issue is going to be a big one... I definitely wouldn't be shocked if we finally learn it is indeed Wanda the Phoenix was searching out.