Friday, May 25, 2012

Captain America and Hawkeye #631

It's Friday night which means I spent all of my “lunch” break(it's hard to call it “lunch” when it's 2AM...) Thursday night/Friday morning typing up reviews! The first two “lunch” reviews for the night are Cap and Hawkeye(this post) and Deadpool(which is scheduled to go up in a half an hour). Let's get to it.

Captain America and Hawkeye #631:

Story Points:
-So now Cap is a symbiote-dinosaur... That's still probably a step up from the time he was a woman... Not sure where that ranks with werewolf though...
-Hawkeye, with some help from Cap's strong mind, manage to get the symbiote off of Cap thanks to a sonic arrow head.
-The two lurk around the underground and find Stegon's(sp?) lab, and eventually, Stegon.
-Stegon tells Cap that he knows now he made a mistake teaming with the symbiotes and offers to tell Cap what he knew about the creatures, such as the fact that the queen symbiote had tried to bond with Cap due to his physical perfection.
-Cap and Hawkeye decide they had to get back to the surface to try to figure out what to do about this mess.
-Upon getting to the surface, they meet up with Kash(I think that was her name...), who was trying to leave the base with her men.
-Hawkeye sees that as the actions of a guilty woman, but before anymore arguing can take place, the queen symbiote bursts out of the ground having taken possession of a massive snake-like creature.

Thoughts: Eh. This storyline has rapidly lost my attention... The first part was perfect, but the next issue, and this one just weren't up to the first part's lofty standards. It's alright I guess, but I'm just not all that interested in anything going on here... For whatever reason, this story just isn't grabbing my attention as it had. Maybe it's just me...

Score: 7 out of 10.


  1. I've actually had the inverse relationship with this one. I wasn't thrilled with Cap and Hawk's dynamic in the first issue, but have liked it more each issue. Plus, the dino-wraith-iotes have just gotten so ridiculous that I can't help but be amused by them. Add in the sexy bad doctor who's clearly distracting Hawkeye with her sexy bad doctor-ness, and I'm a happy camper! But, really, if you don't buy the dino-wraith-ites, I can see where this one wouldn't work for you. (How excited are you about the Iron Man/Cap in Madripoor arc, though!)

  2. Huh, go figure! I definitely haven't hated this storyline, but yeah, for me it's gone a bit downhill since the first part. As for the next storyline, Tony and Steve when written properly can be pretty awesome. I just finished reading Operation Galatic Storm and their heart to heart in the bar in Cap #401(I think) was really great stuff.

  3. Did you read #632? Awful. I mean, I was probably the only person who liked #631, but even I had to admit that I had no idea what happened in #632. Onto Iron Man!