Friday, May 11, 2012

Deadpool #54

(As a note, you should probably check out THIS post first for an explanation of what's going on here)
Last issue Deadpool got his wish and lost his healing factor, becoming mortal... However, doing so has left his only friend, Hydra Bob, to the mercies of Tombstone... What's a Merc with a Mouth to do?

Deadpool #54:

Story Points:
-Pool, not wanting to die anymore due to the fact that Hydra Bob would certainly die the moment Pool was gone, convinces Wolverine and X-Force to give him three days to try to set everything right with Bob and Tombstone.
-Tombstone tries, and fails to kill Pool and Bob, with Pool telling Tombstone that Tombstone wasn't good enough to kill Pool... Oh, burn!
-Pool and Bob take off their masks in order to hide amongst the public, since without his healing factor, Pool looks perfectly normal.
-This one ends with Tombstone offering a team-up with Kingpin to get Pool, but being turned down after Kingpin learned from Daken that Tombstone had played everybody. Kingpin sends the Hand after Tombstone.

Thoughts: I liked this issue a lot, actually! It leaves all sorts of doors open with Pool, since he now looks normal, has no healing factor, but still has all of his skills. There are A LOT of ways Dan Way can go with Pool's story now. If anything, that healing factor had become a crutch story-wise, so I hope Pool doesn't get it back immediately, especially now since he doesn't want to die. Oh yeah, and hopefully this means MORE Bob!!!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.


  1. Pool is one handsome S.O.B.! Lol, I enjoyed this issue, mainly because like you said, there's SO many ways this can go now, and seeing Deadpool trying to not die and get hurt is going to be fun, kinda like when we got to see how Spidey had to cope to having no Spidey-sense.

    Plus, seeing Pool hit on a woman and not get turned down will be interesting... Oh man, I can't wait to see what happens when he see's Outlaw, she actually liked hamburger face Pool.

  2. Really refreshing this arc was, I havn't enjoyed Deadpool this much since the Joe Kelly run hopefully the Deadpool series can continue on this path of goodness!

  3. This is probably going to be a very polarizing issue. Personally, I agree with you.

    As a matter of fact, and correct me if I'm wrong here, the regenerating thing was added on as an excuse to bring him back to life after the fan reaction to him. He was originally supposed to have died in that box.

  4. So far it seems like we all enjoyed this arc... A lot! And JT? Pool IS handsome! Now there's something I never thought I'd type for this blog... I know you don't read X-Force, but just so ya know, the non-healing factor thing carried over to that series, so this may just be a long term thing.

    I've been a fan of Way's Pool run for the most part, Astrovik, (although there were some exceptions...) but yeah, this arc is definitely one of my favorites. Making Hydra Bob a mainstay also helps, seeing as that I'm a fan from C&DP.

    I think you're right, Dr. Deadpool... I recall reading that Pool was just supposed to be a one-off villain, but the reaction to him was so strong they brought him back in X-Force #2. Good memory!

  5. But wait you realize this means DP+Siryn(Banshee) part 2, after all these years, plus DP on X-Factor

  6. . . . how, exactly does this issue mean any of that?

    1. It does, just you wait and see

  7. I am kind of surprised that nobody complained about Deadpool not actually dying. I don't have a problem with it but I thought someone would. You could argue that without his healing factor he really isn't Deadpool anymore but just another merc.

  8. Maybe in a way, Deadpool did "die" while Wade Wilson lived on? Yeah, I'm definitely reaching with that one! :D