Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Comic Day! May 2nd edition.

Here we go again! It's X here, once again welcoming everybody to a new installment of New Comic Day! Huzzah! There should be some really good books coming out this week, and before I even check this week's comic list I already know what this week's Pick of the Litter is going to be! As usual, I'm currently at work, but when I get free, here are the comics I intend on getting... Stormwatch #9, Teen Titans Annual #1, Amazing Spider-Man #685, Avengers Academy #29, Avengers vs X-Men #3, Daredevil #12, Exiled #1, Invincible Iron Man #516, Venom #17, Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #5, X-Factor #235. So 11 books... And let me just come right out and say it. Most of those books? They should be awesome! Seriously, when I get my comic books home, I always put them in three piles. The ones I can't wait to read, the ones I'm interested in, and the ones I expect nothing from. This week? There are at least FIVE books in the “can't wait to read” pile, and only two in the “expect nothing from” pile. That NEVER happens! As for this week's Pick of the Litter? It is, as I'm sure most of you expected, Avengers vs X-Men #3. I've enjoyed the hell out of the first two issues and the Vs issue of this event we've gotten thus far, and I'm hoping that Marvel keeps bringing the awesome with this issue. On the other end of the spectrum, this week's Runt of the Litter is Teen Titans Annual #1. It has two things going against it. The first is a story I'm not very keen on, while the second is a painfully high price... You see kids, THIS is the ugly side of being an obsessive collector! You end up getting stuck with something you KNOW you're going to hate, but are compelled to buy it in order to keep your collection complete. Yep, I'd be a shrink's dream! And there you have it. Tonight I'll be reviewing AvX #3(obviously) and Avengers Academy #29(again, obviously!). Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to get the posts for those two books up until VERY late tonight. Like 2-3 hours later than usual. But I'll do my damnedest to make sure those reviews are up tonight. As for tomorrow it's Exiled #1 and Iron Man #516. And that brings us to the end of this post. Until later, X out.

The (not so) Random Scan of the Week!
x-men vs avengers #4
Yes ladies and gentlemen, back in the 1980's there was an X-Men vs Avengers mini-series! But let's ignore that for now... Check out Magneto's swank-ass boots!


  1. But, Magneto could have killed Captain America if he really wanted to.


  3. I have comments about the Venom ending when the review is posted. As far as what I read so far...

    AvX - Amazing
    Avengers Academy - Decent but looks like it is setting up for something promising
    Exiled - setting up as well but looks pretty good. Nate Grey and Loki!!!

  4. If you enjoyed Power Girl pre-relaunch, maybe you should check out Worlds' Finest. Plus Earth-2 is definitely worth checking out. Believe me. And I know we don't agree on Teen Titans, JL, etc., but I know who you like as for characters and this would be good.

  5. Good old X, here you are in the midle of a Marvel event an only with 11 books? you surprised me..
    altought Marvel maneged to put les tie in this time...
    And I guess that the Rebooted DC helped to strech that pull list.

    Anyway I will be looking forward to your reviews in

    Avengers Academy
    WaXM A&O

    happy week reading!!!

  6. Sorry for the uber-late reply, but the hockey game I was watching went to 3 overtimes, so I didn't get the chance to get online or read any comics until just now...

    Hmm, it sounds like I may have to bump Venom up a few places in my comic pile... I'll try to get to it for Friday.

    Hmm, I have to admit, Earth-2 wasn't on my radar at all, Caz... I'd def be willing to pick it up and give it a shot if you(or anybody else) would fill me in on what it's about. As it is, I have NO clue what it's about! Like, at all!

    I know, Alien! 11 Books!? That's NOTHING!! I was both surprised and disturbed by that number! :D On the plus side, most of these books are ones that I'm really looking forward to, but seriously, only 11!? Weird!

    1. I reed Earth-2 an really liked but I dont know what to comment withouth givin you mayor spoilers.

      It basically reinvents the Earth-2 from scracth the word barelly survived a Darksaid's invasion resulting in the death of the world greatest hereos and Huntress Powergirl as inmigrants in main DC earth.

      Now five year later a bigger treath is coming to earth an is up to the new generation of heroes to save earth. The Justice Society

      Somithing like that hope that pick your curiosity without ruining the story if you get to read it someday..

  7. That actually sounds damn good, Alien... So it's an alternate dimensional story that focuses on younger heroes? If that's accurate, I should be ALL over that!

  8. Huh, so it's not old man Jay Garrick, it's a younger version then? See, that's more interesting that I thought it was, which was simply ANOTHER retelling of the Earth-2 heroes.

    1. Yeah you have to be open mind for this version of the JSA because if you espect to find Old Jay and company you will find nothing more than the names... (not that I know a lot about the old JSA so not sure how much they changed, aside of beign younger) I wasn't that atached to the old JSA and enjoyed this new take in Earth 2, this series is promising.

  9. Hell, I'm not that attached to DC anymore, period, so maybe that series would be something I'd really enjoy. :P I'll def pick it up if there's still a spare copy at my comic shop this Wednesday.

    1. HA that must be the feelings of many readers out there, sad but true my friend...

      As alredy told I enjoyed this one, but i'm litle sad with the lack of Legacy heroes in the actual DCU, before you had like 4 generation of Flash, or a group of older guys with the wisdom of experiemce and now there arent any.
      Just read the DC's FCBD and they hinted a new origin for Vic Sage "The Question" (one of mi favorite characters of DC) and not sure if I liked, he is one of trhee sinners that have been punished for their crimes to live an eternity without knowing his identity and always looking for answers. (the other two are Judas who became the Phanton Stranger and Pandora the one who opened the Box and was behind the creation of the NewDCU)
      so now they have turned a street level Hero to a Inmortal/mitological being not sure about that... and also Renee Montoya who was the Question before the reboot is nowhere to be seen and that is sad for me cuz with her reprising the role of the Question aded that sence of legacy to the character. Ok that is enought complaining

      Hope you enjoy this Earth 2 anyway, so we can talk over other comic series...

  10. Look this is the new Hawkgirl from Hearth 2...

  11. Yeah, streamlining the company may have made things easier to follow for newbies to the company, but it really hurt that sense of legacy that DC had... Especially before Geoff Johns and Dan Didio came to power... You had several generations of heroes, all of whom could look back at their predecessors and try to live up to them. Four generations of Flashes, three generations of Green Lanterns, two generations of Green Arrows, two generations of Questions, all washed away... The only real legacy in the new DCU is the Robins. That's kind of sad...