Tuesday, January 17, 2012

X's Official Pull List Post! Take Two!

Since I have some extra time on my hands and felt like doing a second post tonight, I figured I'd fill you guys in on what good ol' X's pull list looks like. You see, back in September when the DC reboot occurred I did a post where I listed every single ongoing series I was picking up at the time. It was a way to let people know what to expect to see here on the blog. However, in the four months since I posted that list, my pull list has REALLY changed up... So for kicks let's go ALLLLL the way back to September of 2011(I know, that was ages ago!!) and see what's still on my list, what's not, and why. As always, feel free to let me know what you guys are getting/enjoying/what you think I should add to my own pull list. First things first, let's see what stayed the same...

Amazing Spider-Man
Avengers Academy
Daken: Dark Wolverine(although this one's getting canceled soon)
Invincible Iron Man
Journey Into Mystery
Mighty Thor
New Mutants
Secret Avengers
Uncanny X-Force
Ultimate X-Men
Captain America
Captain America and Bucky

Batman and Robin
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Green Lantern: New Guardians
I, Vampire
Justice League Dark
Teen Titans

Morning Glories


Next, let's see which comic books I dropped in the past few months, and why...

Iron Man 2.0- Canceled.
Uncanny X-Men- I just couldn't bear reading about Lord Summers and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants anymore!
X-23- This series just didn't do it for me, and I guess I wasn't alone as it's since been canceled.
X-Men- I like Victor Gischler and all, but $4 was just too much for this series.
Heroes for Hire- Canceled.
Ultimates- Just too confusing for me... Plus the $4 price tag didn't help.
Ultimate Spider-Man- I wasn't paying $4 to read ANOTHER Bendis series!
Generation Hope- After one issue I remembered how much I hated Our Lord and Savior Hope and as such re-dropped this series...
Incredible Hulk- This was another one that was dropped due to it's $4 price.

Detective Comics- Tony Daniel can't write a coherent comic book, in MY opinion, to save his life. That's why I dropped a series I never expected to drop.
Batman: The Dark Knight- Yeah, once I saw One-Face I knew this one was headed towards the scrapheap!
Catwoman- I was never able to get into this series.
Static Shock- This comic did a horrible job introducing Static Shock to a new comic book audience... It's no surprise it's being canceled.
Legion of Superheroes- This series wasn't even rebooted! That's why I dropped it! It just continued on like Flashpoint never happened!!
Legion Lost- I actually enjoyed this series, but it didn't seem like the type of series that was going to have a long shelf-life
Deathstroke- Two words: Rob Liefeld.
Suicide Squad- I was never able to form a connection to any of the characters in this one. Solid story, boring characters.
Superman- The first issue was just terrible... Plus I don't like Bad-Ass Superman.
Action Comics- See above, but add “and confusing” after the word terrible.
Wonder Woman- I hardly knew who most of the characters were....
Fables(Vertigo)- I was only picking this up for my sister. She said to drop it, it got dropped.

So there are the books I dropped and why, now let's take a gander at the comic books I've added...

Wolverine and the X-Men
Winter Soldier
X-Men Legacy
Avengers Assemble

American Vampire(Vertigo)
... And that's it... Ouch...

Thief of Thieves
Hell Yeah

And now for the fun part, adding everything up! Back in September I was picking up 55 ongoing series. Now? That number is down to 47. Back in September I was picking up 26 Marvel books, 26 DC books, 2 Image books and one Boom! book. Now? I'm picking up 24 Marvel books, 15 DC books(OUCH!), 7 Image books and one Boom! book. So obviously the big winner in the battle for my money is Image, while DC is the HUGE loser. Damn, I can't believe I dropped 11 DC comic books! I am legitimately surprised by that. But then again, the reboot made it REALLY easy for somebody like me, who has been collecting DC books for about 4 years or so, to drop that many titles. Sure, it may have been a good jumping on point for new fans, but it was a great jumping off point for older fans! As for Marvel, I stayed basically the same, although I'd probably have more Marvel books on my pull list if they weren't double shipping and pricing so many of their titles at $4.

Now, let's look into the crystal ball and predict what my pull list will look like 6 months from now... I'm not expecting any more changes to my DC list. The titles I'm currently reading are probably safe, and I don't expect to add any DC books going forward. Marvel is funny, because I'll probably start picking up more of their books during the summer due to the Avengers vs X-Men event. The question is whether or not I'll KEEP picking up those extra books AFTER the AvX event is through... With Marvel's annoying sales tactics(the double shipping in particular), I don't see myself adding all that many more Marvel books. If anything, I wouldn't be shocked to see the Marvel number fall just a tad due to cancellations or high prices. And that brings us to Image and the other third party publishers... I can seriously see myself picking up even more books from that group. For the most part the price is right(almost all of the third party publishers price their books at a reasonable $3), which should lead to me trying out more titles. I'd much rather try out a $3 comic and hate it than try out a $4 comic and hate it... Which is something Marvel doesn't seem to get... Well, this was a fun little waste of time! As I stated before, feel free to drop me a comment or e-mail(at xman75@gmail.com) telling me which books you pick up and why. That'll do it for tonight, until tomorrow, and New Comic Day, X out!


  1. Hey did you drop Kick-Ass?
    Also i think you should consider Astonishing X-Men when Liu starts her run on it, also its gonna start including a bunch of unused characters in the wolverine team.

  2. I didn't list the mini-series I pick up in this post, or Kick-Ass 2 would DEFINITELY be listed here. But besides the books I listed here, I'm usually picking up around 8-10 mini-series at any given time as well.

    It's funny that you mention that because I WAS thinking about Astonishing when Liu takes it over! The ONLY reason I'm not 100% sure if that series is worth it is because it's ANOTHER of Marvel's $4 books... But if it was a $3 book? It would definitely be getting added, no doubt. I may pick up the first issue, see who Liu decides to use and then take it from there.

  3. @x-man75, dude whoever it's going to be you know she's going to make them our next favorite character.
    After Daken and especially after what she managed during her short time with X-23 (later writers and their inabilites aside) my confidence that she can do no wrong is as great as my confidence that any comic written by Yost must have 10+ dead per issue.

  4. "my confidence that she can do no wrong is as great as my confidence that any comic written by Yost must have 10+ dead per issue." HA!!!!! You make an excellent point there... She did a great job with the(VERY) short-lived Black Widow series too. Yeah, on second thought I'm very heavily leaning towards giving that series another shot with Liu at the helm. There's no reason I can't pick up the first issue of her run and then take it from there.

  5. It's crazy, lol, me and JT were just discussing comics we'd be dropping and picking up as well. And to see the X Man doing the same thing is saying a lot about the comic industry.....the changes being made whether it's the writer, story or price is not being liked very much.

    Here's hoping 4-6 months down the line we dont see another post like this :-(

  6. It's funny because I'm still picking up a crazy number of comics(47+minis), but in just 4 months time I dropped 8 books... There was a time when I'd agonize over dropping ONE book! :P But yeah, those three things you mentioned have made it SO easy to drop certain books... But hey, who knows, maybe in 4-6 months those numbers will have rebounded a bit! You know how unpredictable I can be, Lisha!

  7. You dont like a badass superman?................ ok let me recomend superman: earth one
    the most emo twilighty superman ever!

    lol joking (about recomeding it)

    hey check this out


  8. movieartman here
    you probley shoudnt have droped generation hope so soon
    check this
    the x-bitches go at it

    there argueing about allowing a amnesiac sebastion shaw sanctuary on utopia.
    lol the panel when hopes team teleports back in with him in tow was priceless


  9. Know what's funny? I just compiled my own pull list at work yesterday, before I saw your post.

    Books I subscribe to:

    Uncanny XForce
    Secret Avengers
    Journey into Mystery
    Uncanny XMen
    Avengers Academy
    Avenging Spiderman

    books I buy regularly enough to list:

    Wolverine and the Xmen (haven't missed an issue)
    Amazing Spiderman (every other month or so when it catches my eye)
    Ultimates (haven't missed an issue)
    Ultimate x-men (just bought the latest issue, will probably start following more closely)
    Wolverine (see amazing Spidey)

  10. Woops I'm starting college now so I 'm doing the cut for the book I dont find my self looking forward month after month

    This is my pull list now
    Batman y Robin
    Action Comics
    Demon Knights
    Swamp Thing
    Animal Man
    All-Star Western
    Wonder Woman

    American Vampire
    Sweeth Tooth

    Avengers Academy
    Captain America and Bucky
    Journey Into Mystery
    Uncanny X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men
    X-Men Legacy
    Uncanny X-Force

    Dropped I liked this books but I wasn't looking forward for any of this books for different reasons

    Nightwing (boring)
    Red Hood and The Outlaws (havent got idea)
    Batwing (It hurts but I have not time now)
    Catwoman (same)
    Grifter (Still don't know if I like it or not)
    Voodo (Same than grifter)
    Justice League (mmmmm What?)
    Frankestein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.(Good and funny, but maybe redundant)
    Justice League Dark (Boring)
    Superman (boring)
    X-Men (meh Dont know)
    New Mutants (dont know)
    The Migthy Thor (I can enjoy Kid Loki in JIM)
    The Invencible Irom Man (Not interested in the character)

  11. It's sad that pricing is turning devoted comic readers away. And I do recall you seriously hating to drop a comic. That's what I like about you....you're devoted to your comics. I really hope they see the price increase hurts the sales and drop it back down. I really hope other companies don't follow suite. That would really hurt pockets.

    And it's weird because I know a few indie books I read are $3.50-4.00 yet I don't complain as much. Maybe it's because I know these companies are still trying to make it to the big league like DC and Marvel.

    I wouldn't mind seeing a post on what you think about the comics you've picked up, whether or not you think they were worth picking up. That would kind of be cool from the X Man.

  12. I did actually read Earth-One Supes... And yeah, that's all I have to say about it! :D Eh, as for Gen Hope, it was truly a waste of $ for me... I just can't stand Hope. The only way I'd start that series again is if Hope were to die, but then the series would probably be canceled, and the point would be moot!

    You know, TRobb? I'm actually debating whether or not I should drop Amazing and get Avenging... How has that series been?

    Wow, so I'm not the only person cutting a bunch of books, I can see, Alien. Out of the books you dropped that I read, I can't even make a strong argument as to why you should keep them... Most of them have been mediocre at best.

    I kind of like that idea, Lisha... Maybe on a light comic week(if I ever get one!) I'll give that a shot.

  13. I'm really enjoying the first arc of Avenging spidey, but I will say 90% of my enjoyment stems from Joe Mad's brilliant art. The story hasn't been the strongest - moloids and Spiderman teaching Rulk the difference between a soldier and a hero.

    Comparing Avenging Spidey to Amazing Spidey:

    -Small sample size, but the writing in Amazing Spidey is better than Avenging. It's Dan Slott vs Zeb Wells and I prefer Slott.

    -Nobody draws a comic book like Joe Mad. He's probably the only artist I put on the level of Remender or Gillen in that I must own anything with their name on it, know what I mean?

    -That said, Greg Land is coming on for issues 4-6 of Avenging (which has Spidey with Hawkeye). Ugh. I don't hate Land's work, but I'd never buy a book because he's on it.

    -You don't have to worry about multiple titles a month with Avenging - there have been delays.

    My recommendation? Stick with Amazing if you must have a Spiderman book (or 2 or 3) every month, unless you like Joe Mad as much as I do or know something about Zeb Wells that I don't.

  14. Cool, thanks for the advice. I'll prob pick up the Spidey/Hawkeye issues(because it's HAWKEYE!), but I guess I'll stick with Amazing. From the small amount of stuff I've read from Wells, I'm def not a fan.

  15. ...Weird you even haven't an argument for New Mutants since X-Man is in it, but is not like he is doing a lot either.

    And some of the books I'm dropping has some of my favorites characters too but I not enjoying them so way to spend time and money then.

    Just curiosity, did you reed American Vampire trades or are you starting from the next issue?

  16. Yeah, I can't really think up an argument to get you to stay with New Mutants besides, "X-Man is in it!!". That's literally the only argument I can currently make! I'm sure it'll pick up as we move along, but right now, especially the last storyline, things just haven't been as great as I'd have hoped.

    That's something I have a hard time doing, Alien... I'd rather drop an okay book(like Suicide Squad) then drop a book that I hate but has a character(or two) that I really like(like Red Hood). It's probably due to reading the entire X-Man series. I'd say like 85% of that series was AWFUL, but being a fan of Nate I read through the entire terrible thing. And even to this day, even if I hate a storyline, I'll stick with it just for the characters.

    I have the first two trades but haven't read 'em yet. My sister has, and has recommended them, but I've yet to get to them. I'll probably try to read the first trade and then start reading the current stuff as it comes out.