Sunday, January 1, 2012

Captain America #6

Okay, Cap #5 wasn't very good(to me at least), let's take a look at Cap #6 and see if business picks up.

Captain America #6:

What Happened: Since the fight against Bravo(which was several weeks ago), Captain America has been having nightmares where he's lost his super-soldier strength and is being pummeled b his various baddies. To see what the deal was, Cap heads to Tony Stark to run a full battery of tests on him to see if he was somehow losing his powers while he slept(?) since the dreams felt so real. Hawkeye, who was hanging out with Cap and Iron Man, figures what Cap really needs is a good, old night out on patrol... With Hawkeye as his wingman naturally. Well hell, this issue is already better than the last one! Cap and Hawkeye go out and bust some small time crooks, and Cap realizes that Hawkeye was right and he did need a night of just fighting regular criminals, not contending with crisis after crisis. However, while on patrol the two come across a major riot, and after quelling it Cap learns that all of the rioters came from the same bar. Sure enough, Cap and Hawkeye enter the bar and discover an advanced madbomb in the bar(and yes, as you'd expect, a madbomb causes people caught under it's thrall to act mad!!!). Cap realizes they'd need some scientific help in taking the madbomb apart, before he is overcome with a sudden weakness and falls to the ground. Hawkeye walks over to Cap and is shocked to see that Cap had actually become depowered, as he'd been in his dreams. Before Hawkeye can react, he is blasted into unconsciousness by the Eel, who is accompanied by King Cobra and Viper. King Cobra and his Serpent Squad(what, they're no longer a Society?) happily beat the hell out of powerless Cap to end this issue.

The Good: Hawkeye!! There's your good! The parts of this issue that had Cap and Hawkeye in it were a nice callback to my second favorite era of Captain America, Mark Gruenwald's lengthy run. From Cap, to Iron Man, to Hawkeye, to the new Serpent Squad, I liked almost all of the characters that were in this one. Cap's on-again, off-again powers could be interesting going forward.

The Bad: I'm still not interested in Queen Hydra, but I see Brubaker intends on making her the type of threat the Red Skull was during the very beginning of his Cap run... Big mistake that, says I... While the Hawkeye/Cap parts were enjoyable, the beginning and ending of this one didn't really do much for me.

The Verdict: Well, if nothing else, this proves a point... That point? Adding Hawkeye to a comic automatically makes it WAY better! Seriously though, Cap and Hawkeye have always had a great relationship, so I was quite pleased to see Brubaker pull Hawkeye into this issue. While a Cap/Bucky team-up would have to be my favorite, a Cap/Hawkeye team-up would be my second favorite(Cap/Iron Man is third, fyi). So yeah, I definitely enjoyed this issue more than any of the others from this current series of Captain America. Here's hoping things continue to get better with issue #7.

Score: 7 out of 10.Cap + Hawkeye = Awesomeness.


  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who got the Gruenwald vibe! I feel like Brubaker is paying a great homage to that era with this new arc. Hopefully it'll continue!

  2. So far so good, JW! Here's hoping Brubaker continues the good work, and that we stay away from the Bravo/Hydra Queen stuff.