Monday, January 2, 2012

Mighty Thor #9

First up this Monday evening, the Mighty Thor. Let's see where Matt Fraction takes us concerning the Tanarus stuff this issue.

Mighty Thor #9:

What Happened: While Thor is planning a way to not be eaten by the dead-god-eating Demogorge, Loki is trying to tell people that he wasn't crazy and that he had a brother named Thor. He tells Dr. Donald Blake as much(Blake was checking Loki for a concussion since he was struck by lightning), but Blake(like everybody else) only knows of Tanarus. Loki angrily shoves Don down, swipes his cane and storms off. Meanwhile, there's trouble in Asgardia as some Frost Giants are angry with the All-Mother's new rule of law. Loki storms around for awhile, eventually running into the Silver Surfer, who was letting vultures eat his insides(WTF is THIS all about?!). Loki asks Surfer if HE knew of Thor, hoping the Surfer's cosmic awareness would see through the Tanarus farce, but the Surfer doesn't know of any Thor. However, the Surfer DOES see that the cane Loki was holding was more than meets the eye and slams it to the ground, revealing the hammer of Thor!

The Good: The story here seems to be moving along VERY fast! Loki already knows that Tanarus is an impostor, and now it seems the Surfer is going to start coming around. There was nothing here that I can really point out and say that I hated.

The Bad: On the flip side, there was nothing here that I can point at and say I loved... Nothing of great interest happened here.

The Verdict: I really couldn't work up strong emotions one way or the other here... This comic was the very definition of forgettable. I mean it wasn't bad, it wasn't good, it just was. I don't know, this one left me feeling kind of empty.

Score: 6 out of 10.I don't know why, but Loki stealing a cane just makes me chuckle...


  1. When he "inadvertently" stole Thor's hammer you could easily see what was going to happen. Don't people who know who Blake is know that Thor's hammer takes the form of that cane. Maybe it is because I don't remember if it is Tanarus or the All-Mothers who started the farce but it seems very unlikely that the Asgardians would allow Blake to keep the hammer. Although this issue is lackluster I am still curious what Loki is planning on doing.

  2. I think it was the Norn Queen or the trolls who put the Tanarus plan into motion, Jermox... But take that with a grain of salt, because I definitely could be wrong. I'm actually quite pleased that Loki looks to play a major role in Thor returning. It gives me hope that he won't end up turning evil again. Although we all know he eventually will... :/