Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wolverine #300

One more review for the night, and it's the 300th issue of Wolverine. Yeah, sure, whatever. I've given up trying to make sense of Marvel's math by this point. So yeah, this is Wolvie #300. Probably. Who knows.

Wolverine #300:

What Happened: Wolverine heads to Japan since an all-out war between the Yakuza and the Hand was impending. Upon getting there he meets up with Yukio, and after the duo kill off a mess of Yakuza goons, Yukio reveals that with the Silver Samurai dead, his duties as the head of the Clan Yashida fell to his illegitimate, and prior to this, unknown son... Who just happens to be dating Wolverine's adopted daughter, Amiko... Sure, why not... Meanwhile, Amiko gets herself kidnapped by Azuma Goda, who was in the process of usurping control of the Hand from Kingpin. We learn that Azuma had hired Sabretooth to kill a leader of the Yakuza because he wanted to instigate a war between Kingpin's version of the Hand and the Yakuza. Wolverine hears that the Hand and Yakuza were going to have themselves a meeting to try to hash out their differences, and smelling a rat, Wolvie races to the meeting site, but is intercepted by Sabretooth. While the two longtime foes battle, Azuma walks into the Hand/Yakuza meeting, tells the Yakuza that HE was now it's leader and sends his ninjas to attack. This leads to a swift response from the Yakuza, which leads to total carnage(“I love it!!”). Azuma has Amiko brought to the meeting place, with the hope being he could draw out Silver Samurai's son, which works when Samurai's son shows up in some high-tech Samurai outfit, intent on freeing his girlfriend. Oh, and Mystique is working with Sabretooth.

Thoughts: Eh, this was a good comic and all, but it was ANOTHER “Wolverine goes to Japan and fights Ninjas/the Hand/the Yakuza” story. I've said it before, but it bears repeating... I've NEVER been a fan of Wolvie's Japanese exploits. I hate Amiko, don't particularly care for Yukio, and could care less that the Silver Samurai is dead. I mean yeah, the Wolverine/Sabretooth throwdown was fun, as were all of Sabretooth's scene's actually, and the story was pretty straightforward, but still, it was a Wolvie in Japan storyline... Eh, so far it's probably the best Wolvie in Japan story I've read, but that's not exactly saying much, now is it?

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.As far as reunion scenes go, this one between Wolvie and Sabretooth was pretty lame...


  1. I have a feeling the big reveal on how Sabertooth is back will be something like Wolvie pissed off the devil so much that he let Sabertooth out of hell to antagonize Wolvie.

  2. that Sabretooth's back, he and Daken can fight. Daken needs to get his ass kicked more. because he is a bad guy.

  3. while i find the cloak and dagger stuff intersting (Specialy want to find out what this means for Romulus!) i am disturbed by the writers Horrible Lack of Respect for continuity (man... FUCK jeph leob) as at the end of the Spider-island: Cloak and Dagger mini series
    the 2 of them had there powers switched by mister negative. but here there back to bloody normal.


  5. That's the most logical explanation if you ask me, Jermox. Now, I remember reading/hearing/seeing somewhere that Jeph Loeb had left himself an out in Wolverine #50 in case he ever wanted to bring Tooth back. Which would mean Tooth's resurrection is going to be explained in some other way... Maybe. Maybe I'm not remembering something correctly or simply made that whole thing up... When you read as much about comics as I do, things tend to get fuzzy... :P

    It should go without saying that I'd be rooting hard for Daken during any potential Daken/Tooth fight... Although I could see Tooth beating Daken really bad to get Wolvie extra mad at him.

    Movieartman, just do as I do and ignore what Loeb writes! After Ultimatum, he lost all respect from me(although I'll always respect his mid-90's work...). Luckily, it seems some writers are taking that same approach! As for that picture, I can't say I'm shocked. We've known Bendis has loved Osborn since Ultimate Spidey #1(the FIRST series!), so why not give him frigging Hulk strength! :D