Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deadpool #49.1

Last review for the night is Deadpool #49.1... Another Point One issue?! Anyway, this promises to be a musical, and if it's true to form, this will either be laugh out loud hilarious, or absolutely terrible... Let's see which way we go.

Deadpool #49.1:

Summary: Deadpool recaps the entire Danial Way run on this series... In song. Seriously. Some of the parts are done to a frigging Britney Spears song! Weird... Seeing as this was a TOTAL recap comic book, there's not really much of a review for me to do here.

Thoughts: See, THIS is what I thought these Point One issues were supposed to do! Fill you in on what's been going on in a series if you happened to be a new reader. And this issue did a good job of that... Well, I personally could have done without the musical aspect of it, but I'm sure some people probably enjoyed this one way more than I did. Plus there was a Dr. Bong and Daken cameo, so that helped bump up my enjoyment of this one. As it was, there were a few parts here that got a chuckle out of, but for somebody like me, who knew all of the storylines Pool sang about, this comic was kind of unnecessary for me to read.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
deadpool #49.1
Sweet, it's Dr. Bong!!


  1. Yeah, what more can you ask for in a .1?

  2. Exactly. I thought this was a great jumping on point for new fans, but that's about it.

  3. Now, I will say that for entertainment value #33.1 was a good stand-alone issue. Probably one of the best issues of the Way's run. But it was less of a jumping on point and more of a oneshot.

    This issue was clearly geared toward those who might be curious about issue #50-54.

  4. That's the weird thing about the Point One issues... Some of them(such as this one) are great for new fans wanting to get caught up with the story. Others(like 33.1) are one-shots that appeal more to the fans already reading the series. I kind of wish Marvel would make up their minds as for what the Point One books should be for.

    But considering the fact that Marvel is actually promoting the "Dead" storyline strongly, it makes a lot of sense for this issue to be used as a jumping on point for newbies. Here's hoping that storyarc garners Pool some new fans!

  5. Y'know, that's the strange thing. Even when he had four ongoings a month, they never really promoted him strongly.

    This leads me to believe that the rumors I've been hearing about the Deadpool movie filming in April may be credible.

  6. Really? This is the first I've heard about a DP movie... I must say, I'd LOVE it if that rumor came to fruition.


    That's where I got my info. Rob Leifeld also mentioned there being eight minutes of test footage.

  8. Cool, thanks for that link. And for the record, I think Marvel could make a really good PG-13 Deadpool movie. An R rating would definitely drive the ticket sales down, so I just can't see that happening. Regardless, Deadpool in 2013 sounds great to me!

  9. You'd think, but it's a brave new world. Did you hear about how much "The Hangover: Part II" raked in? I think that's part of the reason Deadpool's getting a shot at being Rated R.

    I think a Rated R Deadpool movie could match Green Lantern, at least.

  10. That's actually a good point, Doc Deadpool... I mean R-rated movies can definitely have major box office success, I just wonder if Marvel would want to go that way with a character that's connected with the X-Men line. But then again, with a character like Deadpool, why not test the R-rated waters and see what happens? He'd be the perfect character to use in an R-rated flick.

    If an R-rated Deadpool movie matched or surpassed Green Lantern's box office take, that would be SUCH a knock on DC! I'd love to see that happen...

  11. Not that it's a sure thing. Nothing is.

    All I'm saying is the potential is there. You see, Deadpool has a few things movies like Punisher don't.

    1. He's funny.

    2. His costume looks just enough like Spider-Man's to fool the average idiot movie-goer.

    3. He's connected to the X-Men. If the movie does feature a more fleshed out Colossus as the 'straight-man' then X-Men fans won't even feel cheated by this.