Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Quick Look At... Uncanny X-Force #20

And now, Uncanny X-Force. I am SO not looking forward to this story... For the record, I hate the Captain Britain Corps and the entire idea of Otherworld. I just wanted that on the table.

Uncanny X-Force #20:

What Happened: Otherworld is under attack and yet Capt. Britain managed to find the time to kidnap his sister Psylocke and Fantomex. He wants Psylocke to join with him and their usually insane brother Jamie, while he also wanted Fantomex tried for shooting Kid Apocalypse in the head all those issues ago. Upon learning that Psylocke and Fantomex were captured, X-Force heads to Otherworld thanks to Gateway and finds themselves in the middle of a warzone as the Capt. Britain Corps tried to fight off invaders. As for Fantomex, he is found guilty and is sentenced to death.

Thoughts: This was as terrible as I expected it to be. No, I take that back... It was even worse than I feared. How the HELL does Captain Britain have the right to abduct Fantomex and try him for the death of Kid Apocalypse? Yeah, I get that his sister was involved, but so what? Does he abduct ALL child murderers from throughout the multiverse and try them for their crimes? The very idea of this storyline is idiotic, as is the concept of the Captain Britain Corps... But then again I've always hated Capt. Britain, so there's that too...

Score: 2 out of 10.
uncanny x-force #20
And here I thought AOA Nightcrawler was going to fit right in here...


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  2. ok when we first heard this storyline was coming we both stated are equal contempt for it. its ironic that u where the one who was gonna stick it out and buy this saga not matter what but then it ended up being worse than u feared (sorry)
    but i my case i intended to drop it until the verey last second and i ended up enjoying it a good amount suprisingly
    Ok lets start with capt britian and the otherworld
    i have realativly 0 history with the character and the concept i have 0 intrest in them (still dont)
    i found the Trial strangly intreaguing
    now while i definatly disagree that Phantomx should be exicuted or even punished for killing apocalypse... and not just for my like of the character but i agree with the circumstances of it mostly
    and i would think that the fucking brits here should fucking ackknologe that x cloned Apocalypse and raised him to be good. witch is what they said should have been done with the original. but this way we get apocalypse with 0 influence from terrorist assholes and i dare say he now has some real reasons to be loyal to px and the x-men

    about the Brits right to judge px i think that they are technicly a Demnsional police force (not unline the green lantern corps) and they proceed as so
    that said i think this was nothing more than a show trial they where aways going to take out px for some reason or another
    for as cap brit put it px is a extreme wild card that has never existed in another universe before
    (witch in and of itself is very intresting)

    besides all that i enjoyed the banter between the other x members and nightcrawler! and deadpool geting his head taken off the instant he gets in to otherworld was priceless

  3. I just have to say that I enjoyed AOA Nightcrawler's interactions with X-Force. Didn't really care for the rest of this issue.

  4. ...First time i read Cap. Brit. and already hate him. If the problem is that Fantomex is an anomaly judge or kill him for that not for murdering a children or are they going after all the murders in the multiverse? how X says.

  5. Huh, go figure, Movieartman. I remember you weren't gonna pick this storyline up due to the art and story, so I'm def glad you're enjoying it. As for myself? I kind of went into this issue disliking Capt. Britain and the Otherworld stuff, so my disdain for this one was no shock. I AM hoping that Remender can do what nobody else has thus far, and that's make Capt. Britain somewhat likable by the end of this storyline... That and destroy Otherworld!

    IDK, Jermox. I thought the Nightcrawler scenes were kind of forced... Like Remender was going out of his way to show that THIS Nightcrawler was WAY different than the prior Nightcrawler. I mean I guess that makes sense and all, especially for people unfamiliar with the character, but to me he was just being a bad ass for the sake of showing that he was a bad ass.

    Agreed all the way around, Alien.

  6. Disagree strongly with this review. The point one issue was crap, but I liked this issue a lot. Great dialogue and character development of AOA Crawler, Betsy, and Logan. Great splash pages of the war in Otherworld.

    Seems to me the Corps wants to pin this murder on Fantomex to get rid of him - the real problem is his status as a total anomaly in the multiverse. Lots of other little nuances here, but this was a quick review so I guess it's ok. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Betsy handles the choice of going back to her original body (and becoming Lady Britain), and how(if?) Fantomex is saved from total deletion from history.

  7. Woooo, if you disagreed with THIS review, don't even read my review for Uncanny X-Force #21, TRobb! It won't be up until tomorrow, but yeah, let's just say I liked it even less than THIS issue and leave it at that... This story and the characters in it are just doing zilch for me.