Sunday, January 15, 2012

Magneto: Not A Hero #3

First comic to be reviewed today is the third issue of the thus far shockingly good Magneto mini-series... Dammit, I shouldn't have complimented it... Now I KNOW this issue is gonna suck and it's gonna be all my fault!

Magneto: Not A Hero #3(of 4):

What Happened: Joseph reveals to Magneto that the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that had attacked Mags to end the last issue were actually clones created by Astra. Mags manages to do away with the clones and injures Astra enough that he's able to capture her and with the help of Pixie teleport himself back to Crazy Mutie Island with Astra in tow. Meanwhile, the head of Random Anti-Mutant Organization #467,836 claims that Mags had murdered an aide of his(he actually had the aide murdered himself) and in response tells the world that he'd be marching through Chicago. On Crazy Mutie Island, the Stepford Cuckoos go through Astra's mind and discover something of interest. This issue ends with a snazzily dressed Joseph chilling out in the office of the head of Random Anti-Mutant Organization #467,836 to talk about a change of plans.

Thoughts: Yup, I gave this comic the kiss of death alright... This issue was nowhere near the level of the prior two. To be honest, I have no clue as to how Mags defeated the faux-Brotherhood, why Joseph let him escape, or what the deal was with Astra. See, when the next issue comes out I'll say the worst things about it in the introductory paragraph. That way I know I'll love that issue!

Score: 5 out of 10.That is one sharp dressed man!


  1. Maybe I'm alone in this, But I really like the Cuckoos.

  2. Eh. I don't really care about them one way or another. They're okay I guess. Although they WERE written like real bad-asses here.

  3. Maybe that we are not going to see any if this VS in the event but, given the teasers in your opinion who wins?

  4. Oh cool, I'll just go right down the line, Alien!

    Psylocke beats Black Widow. I like BW more, but Psylocke's telepathy should give her the win.

    Iron Man beats Magneto. Iron Man managed to create a Magneto-proof suit in the 80's(!), just imagine what he can create now in the 2000's!

    Thor obliterates Storm... I don't even know why they'd do this battle... Thor is the GOD of Thunder!

    I'll go Spidey over Iceman. Spidey and his Spidey-sense should be able to halt whatever Bobby throws his way.

    Rogue over Ms. Marvel. Especially now that Rogue seems to have her powers under control.

    Luke Cage/Beast could literally go either way, but I'll go with Beast just because I like him more. Strength-wise they match up, but Beast's smarts should give him a slight edge.

    Hulk/Emma Frost? Really? Unless Emma can knock Hulk out with her first shot(which I doubt), Hulk destroys her, diamond-form or not!

    Archangel over Daredevil. That one is kind of weird, since I thought Archangel was regular Angel now, but either way, DD would have trouble grounding a flier as experienced as Angel.

    Spider-Woman takes Gambit. She has him beat in pretty much every way.

    Jugger-Colossus beats Thing. Jugger-Colo should be stronger than Thing, so I'd give him the nod.

    *sigh* I don't want to say it, but I'd think Lord Summers would beat Hawkeye... Dammit...

    So I've got 6 X-Men wins and 5 Avengers wins so far. That's pretty close.

  5. MMM you missied the Cap /Wolverine

    haha When I saw the Hulk/emma I thought if that is true and Emma won I'm seeing the WTH/Killer Croc moment of the year.

    And yes is odd that they are promoting Warren in his Archangel form

    look this one here Wolverine and Beast are in the Avengers side

  6. Huh, it's weird that they have Beast and Wolvie on the Avengers side but Iceman on the X-Men side... I have NO idea how Marvel is going to make this work... They probably should have held this event of another year or two, because since Schism JUST happened, it seems more like it should be the Avengers vs the X-Men vs the Evil X-Men...

    Ah yes, I did miss Wolvie and Cap... I love Cap but I'd have to go with Wolvie for that one. Usually when they fight it's close, but I kind of recall Wolvie winning their last battle.

    HA!! Emma beating Hulk would be a shoe-in for 2012's What the HELL?!? moment! :D

  7. I felt the exact same way about this issue. I was like "oh yea this has been pretty solid so far." Then i open this up and its littered with countless cliches, and confusing moments. I would rather have issue 4 end with 20 pages of magneto beating and eventually killing joseph. All action while he degrades him as a person(clone). This series says regenesis on it though so we may be looking at some future plot threads falling in place. Who knows!?

  8. Yeah, I was surprised at how sharply the story fell off with this issue... It was pretty disappointing. To be honest though, if they want to keep playing Mags as a “hero”(and I use the term loosely), I wouldn't mind Joseph sticking around as the more evil version of Magneto. It's a longshot, but I'd be all for that.

  9. Man, you guys are trippin! I really likede this issue. First of all, Clay Mann is KILLING it with his art this series. This is the best-drawn book I am reading, along with avenging spidey. Second, I didn't have the problems you guys had with the story. Mags escaped by forcing Astra to teleport them out of the fight, to avoid having them both crushed by the massive hunk of junk Joseph threatened to bury them with. I was surprised she ported them back to utopia, but there are several possible explanations for that. Most obviously, she had just been impaled by mags, and would've surely been killed had she taken him someplace he didn't want to go.

    I too have a bad feeling that Joseph and Astra are going to die at the end of this mini. Which would be a true shame. Like x said, it would be nice to have two relatively unexplored mutant villains running around for a change.

  10. HA! I guess we'll have to agree to disagree here, TRobb. I will agree on the art though. It's been top-notch. This issue just didn't please me like the prior two did, but I'm still expecting a good finish.

    And that's EXACTLY what Marvel needs at this point! Two NEW(-ish) mutant villains running around. At least then we'd get something other than the X-Men battling against each other, bigots or Sentinels every issue.

  11. One question I'm looking forward to having resolved is what exactly Joseph and Astra's master plans are. Why are they in cahoots with anti-mutant organization 234425? According to the Internet, Astra was booted out of the brotherhood originally because she was more interested in getting rich than in mutant supremacy. As for Joseph, I don't have a clue as to what he wants, since he's been implanted with Magneto's memories, but also knows he's a clone.

  12. I kind of thought Joseph/Astra's plan was to get Mags himself back on "their" side. The side of mutant supremacy. When Mags told them he didn't have any secret plans against the X-Men(plus all the stuff he said about Joseph), that seemed to be when they attacked him. As for what they are doing with that anti-mutant group, that's something that I can't even guess on...