Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ultimate X-Men #6

ALRIGHT!! It's time to dig into my favorite comic book series, Ultimate William Stryker, starring William Stryker, written AND illustrated by, you guessed it, William Stryker! Yes, that was sarcasm(it doesn't travel well through the Internet...), and yes, saying I am sick and tired of William Stryker is akin to saying I am sick and tired of slamming my head into a brick wall... Both make me irritable, and both leave me with a pounding headache. Here's hoping someone(ANYONE!!) kills Stryker so we are rid of him... At least in the Ultimate Universe.

Ultimate X-Men #6:

What Happened: Sweet, Stryker IS dead! Now I have to become a fan of Ultimate Kitty Pryde! Anyway, Stryker DID manage to take control of all of the Nimrod robots in the United States before he died, and since the Nimrods had been recently uploaded with information from Cerebra(which Quicksilver gave the US as a show of good faith), they could track down and kill mutants anywhere. Kitty manages to use her phasing powers to protect many of the mutants Stryker was planning on publicly executing, so the Nimrods leave since they had way easier targets to get to elsewhere. From there, Kitty, Iceman, Human Torch and Jimmy Hudson bring the mutants to their base in the Morlock tunnels, and are followed by Rogue. Rogue tells the mutants that she wasn't REALLY a traitor, but was trying to gain Stryker's trust so he'd touch her(to “cure” her), at which time she'd swipe his powers from him. Kitty doesn't believe her and demands to know who gave Rogue such a plan, but Rogue can't tell Kitty and company... Why is that? Because the man who gave her the plan to steal Stryker's powers asked Rogue to keep a secret for him. That man? Professor Xavier(!!!)!

Thoughts: Wooo, Stryker is dead! That means this comic will be getting, at the very least, a 7 for a score! Besides Stryker being gone, the rest of this comic was pretty solid. We have several mysteries going on, such as Quicksilver conveniently handing the Cerebra tech to the US government where it falls into Stryker and the Nimrod's hands, as well as Prof. X apparently being alive. Am I angry that the Prof is alive, even though he was killed off during Ultimatum? Nope, not at all, because as far as I'm concerned, EVERYTHING that happened in Ultimatum should be disregarded because it was complete and total garbage. I have to say, things seem to be looking somewhat up for this series going forward.

Score: 8 out of 10.Yay, Sentinels...

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