Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Invincible #87

Okay, we're going to do things a little bit differently this week. Seeing as that I have nearly 20 books to get through, unless otherwise requested, most of this week's reviews are going to be rather short on details. Wherever I can condense things, I will. With that out of the way, here's this week's Pick of the Litter!

Invincible #87:

What Happened: Invincible and Dinosaurus are still doing their whole “Save the world... By ALMOST any means necessary” thing. They do take time out to halt a would be world conquerer when Dinosaurus bites the villain's head off, presumably killing him... And Invincible is okay with this?? Later, Invincible visits Atom Eve for the first time in a while to try to explain why he's working with a notorious murderer. While they're talking, the awesome Cecil Stedman teleports in to try to talk Invincible out of his current idiotic plans. Before Cecil can really get too far along debating Invincible, he receives word that Allen the Alien was heading towards Earth, so Invincible heads up to say hello to his old friend. Allen has brought Oliver along with him, and Oliver and Allen tell Invincible about the Coalition's plan to kill the Viltrumites remaining on Earth. Invincible opposes it and is promptly attacked by Oliver and Allen. However, before Allen or Oliver can beat any sense into Invincible's think skull, the Viltrumite king flies over to stand with Invincible.

The Good: Robert Kirkman sure isn't slow-burning the Coalition/virus storyline, is he? As always, Ryan Ottley's artwork was great... Seriously, I have a hard time envisioning this series without Ottley on it... Cecil Stredman and Oliver were in this issue, and are my two favorite Invincible characters(weird, no?) so that was a good thing.

The Bad: Oddly enough, I find myself liking Invincible less and less every time I see him... So he's working with Dinosaurus and being defended by the Viltrumite king... Am I the only one who sees that as a major problem? When you are siding with and being defended by villains, that's probably a good indicator of what kind of character you are... The cover for the next issue sees Invincible pounding Oliver with a right hand... The very thought of that angers me! Invincible seemed oddly unaffected by Dinosaurus's murderous antics in this one...

The Verdict: This was a good issue of this series(as per usual), but not a great issue... And why wasn't it great? For me anyway? Because the focus went back to Invincible for the first time in at least two issues... I know I said it before, but it bears repeating, I really don't like Invincible as a character right now. I don't know what the deal is, maybe the horrors of the Viltrumite War, coupled with Atom Eve and the (possibly) aborted/miscarried child, have just caused Invincible to get slightly off keel. But seriously, I just don't like HIM. I still thoroughly enjoy the series because of the ultra-strong supporting cast, but the main character? He needs a good ass-whupping.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.You had to know I'd be scanning a page featuring either Oliver or Cecil.


  1. LOL your hate for Mark is just hilarious

  2. It's only a recent thing, and I doubt it'll last long. Once he gets away from Dinosaurus I'm sure he'll go back to being a favorite character if mine again... That and not beating up Oliver would help!