Thursday, January 12, 2012

Deadpool #49

Awesome, it's the final part of Deadpool vs Evil Deadpool! No matter how this one ends, Evil Deadpool shall now and forever be one of my favorite comic book villains!

Deadpool #49:

What Happened: Captain America lays down the law to Interpol, stating that he would be leading the team to take Deadpool down. Why does Cap feel the need to ruffle Interpol's feathers? Because he's awesome. Evil Deadpool leads New York City's police commissioner into a trap by leaving him a letter stating where the commissioner's children where being held. At the same time, Deadpool has headed to the same location to battle his evil counterpart, and after the two have a quick fight, Evil Deadpool leaves, allowing Deadpool to place some explosives around hoping to... um, reverse trap Evil Deadpool. Instead, the police commissioner enters the warehouse this was all taking place in and upon seeing Deadpool and the explosives figures Pool was planning on blowing him and his kids up(who were locked in a separate room unbeknown to Deadpool... D'oh!). The commissioner knocks Deadpool down with the butt end of his automatic rifle and Evil Deadpool teleports in and swipes the detonator for Deadpool's explosives, pushing the button... But wait! Deadpool was FINALLY one step ahead of his evil doppleganger and we see that the explosives Deadpool placed on the walls of the warehouse were duds and that the real explosives were in Deadpool's bag, which was near Evil Deadpool. With Evil Deadpool temporarily out of commission, Deadpool frees the commissioner's kids from their locked room and tells the commissioner to get the hell out of Dodge. With the commissioner and his kids out of the way, Deadpool prepares to square off against Evil Deadpool, but the two Pools are interrupted by Captain America and his agents. Cap demands the two Deadpools surrender, which leads to Evil Deadpool pulling a gun on Cap. Before he can fire, a dart hits Evil Deadpool in the neck and Cap's men open fire. Cap demands his agents cease fire, and when Cap and Deadpool look down at Evil Deadpool they realize that the mystery dart had seemingly robbed Evil Deadpool of his healing factor, granting him what Deadpool himself always wanted... Death. This issue ends with Deadpool seemingly teleporting away with Evil Deadpool's corpse.

The Good: We got a whole lot of Deadpool on Evil Deadpool fun here. The ending, with Evil Deadpool actually dying, sets up a very interesting next storyline, as it seems that DP is FINALLY closer to his longtime wish. What can I say, as a Cap fan I enjoyed seeing him pull rank and take the investigation away from Interpol... I'm a Cap fan, sue me! I'll be very curious to see who fired the dart that de-powered Evil Deadpool's healing factor.

The Bad: Evil Deadpool? Dead?? Boooo!!!! For whatever reason, this issue just never clicked for me the way I expected it to... I mean the scenes with Deadpool and Evil Deadpool were fun and all, but after seeing Evil Deadpool get the better of Deadpool for the past few issues, the way Deadpool beat Evil Deadpool seemed like a bit of a letdown.

The Verdict: Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this comic book, but I can't help but think I should have enjoyed it more than I did... Something was just a bit off here... Oh well, I enjoyed the hell out of the first few parts of this issue, and am thoroughly looking forward to the next Deadpool storyline, so no real complaints from me.

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.Yep, Evil Deadpool absolutely REEKS of awesomeness!


  1. Hey have you read the previews for the next DP arc yet? I'm a bit worried of the prospect of an actually dead deadpool but this "Dead" storyline does seem like it could be pretty good.
    Also next issue Deadpool: The play.

  2. The Deadpool Point One issue(#49.1) could be awesome! I've actually seen very little in regards to previews for the Dead storyarc. Deadpool being totally obsessed with finding out who shot that dart, as well as discovering who actually did it, could lead to some awesome stuff. As for DP dying once and for all, I just can't see it happening. That would make DP happy, and poor Pool seems fated to always be miserable!

  3. Capitan America, could you sit down?

    That scene made laugh a lot!!

  4. Same here! And then I felt guilty after I DID laugh! :D

  5. It was like
    I read it like this

    Cap- I'm God dam Captain America I fought WW2 I'm leader of the avengers, died and got back, fought the serpent and want to stand up.

    Interpol Lady- Yeah And I'm in a fucking wheelchair and see in you standing is a fucking insult to me you arrogant bastard.

    Cap Totally ashamed -Um Yes

  6. How quickly Cap sat down after he realized he put his foot in his mouth was what made that scene for me. It was a totally innocent figure of speech... Most of the time! :P Poor Cap...