Thursday, January 26, 2012

Captain America and Bucky #626

Next review, (and the last review for the night) is Captain America and Bucky. I've read that the title of this series will be changing to Captain America and *fill in the blank* in a few months, but until then, it's still Cap and Bucky.

Captain America and Bucky #626:

Summary: After getting the remains of Adam II, Captain America is forced to leave the original Human Torch and William Naslund III behind so he could deal with the robotic Bucky clone from last issue. Robo-Bucky has gone on a shooting spree, and needless to say, Cap is enraged to see somebody using that uniform in that manner. Robo-Bucky makes a break for it upon seeing Cap, while Naslund III and Torch dissect Adam II's remains, discovering a strange orb at the base of Adam II's skull. The orb forces Torch to uncontrollably burst into flames, while Naslund III seems transfixed by it. Meanwhile, Fred Davis(the second Bucky) has been researching William Naslund III and has found nothing but dead ends and classified files. Worried that something smelt wrong, Davis phones Torch to warn him, but is being stalked by a crazy nurse with a needle. Cap tracks down Robo-Bucky at a factory, and is confronted with a mess of Captain America robots, and (unsurprisingly) Naslund III turns out to be an android himself, and is reprogrammed by the orb into becoming Adam III.

Thoughts: Eh. This storyline has been really paint-by-numbers for me thus far. The Naslund reveal was no shock because it was pretty much established last issue that he had no real past, which, coupled by Davis's suspicion, made it pretty clear he was more than meets the eye. I will say this, I wouldn't mind Adam III sticking around past this storyline, because he has some potential. Will he though? That's something I am unsure about...

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.
captain america and bucky #626
Get with the program, Cap! It's obviously Robo-Bucky!


  1. I actually enjoyed the issue. I think it was more because of the art though. I loved the double page splash, but i have loved francavilla ever since zorro. I know that some of the panels were a bit muddy, I just love his style. I love that this series is going to captain america and... though. It would be great to see something like cap and... and have it be someone that he hasn't really worked with before. The dynamic could be awesome.

  2. I had no qualms with the art. I like the retro/faded look it has to it. It gives this series a unique look to it, which really works well in a Cap series.

    As a huge Cap fan, I'd love to see him team with non-Avengers characters every now and then. He's such a legendary character in the Marvel U, teaming with him should be a huge honor, and I'd like to see how certain characters act around Cap, especially for the first time. I mean even Deadpool has a huge amount of respect for Cap! But of course I'm also looking forward to a Hawkeye and an Iron Man storyline too.

  3. I have to add that i am incredibly upset with the route venom is taking in his book. Not the fearsome 4 or whatever the angle with the rag tag team is, but get this: Starting with venom #13, issues 13.1-13.4 will be shipped weekly. WEEKLY, not monthly not even bi-weekly. Give me a break and by me i mean my wallet. I hate to say it but i don't think i can afford that. I will probably have to wait until issue 14 to jump back on. Let me know what ya think!

  4. Yup... The fact that Marvel is shipping FOUR(!!!!!) issues of Venom, IN FEBRUARY(!) is utterly insane to me... Seriously, do they think most fans are going to(/can afford to!) buy all four issues? If anything you'd think they'd continuously lose readers with each subsequent issue, as fans drop the storyline because they can't afford it. I've been griping about Marvel double(and triple) shipping books for a while now, but quadruple shipping?! I have NO clue what the Powers That Be at Marvel are thinking with this one... I'll be sticking with the series(as per my obsessive collecting addiction) but it's stuff like this that has me dropping so many of Marvel's $4 books...

  5. Well i look forward to your reviews and insights on the .1 issues. At least i will be able to coherently follow the story without have to spend a bazillions dollars in Feb. thanks!

  6. No problem, Cap. Marvel already gets a bazillion dollars out of me as it is, what's a little bit more! :D

  7. First, on "Venom:" I totally agree with you guys. I was gone for three weeks, and I'm stunned by the number of double- and triple shipped books. Three "Captain Americas?" and "Secret Avengers?" Really? I didn't realize "Venom" was shipping four times in February, and I may have to jump of the boat at this point. I like the series enough, but it seems like it's practically bi-weekly at this point, and I don't really like it enough to merit that expense.

    On this series, I'm really enjoying this look at the "other" Caps and Buckys. I'd actually be totally down with Brubaker and Asmus spending a whole slew of issues exploring the histories of those characters. Despite reading the various Cap titles for years, I can't say I've ever gotten a really good sense of them, and this title seems ideal for that. Given that Steve appears in at least three other comics ("Avengers," "Captain America," and "Secret Avengers"), we could probably spare a few issues without him!

  8. Ugh, Marvel is just horrible with the double(triple!) shipping of books... That, more than anything else, more than bad stories, bad art or higher cover prices, is the reason I've had to cut down on which Marvel books I pick up. When you have to buy three issues of Captain America(TWO in ONE WEEK!!!) at $4 a pop, that takes a big bite out of my comic book spending money... As for Venom, I'd say don't pick up the point issues. They aren't even written by Rick Remender! He's only writing #13, #13.4 and #14. The other three are being done by other writers!

    Ooo, have you ever read the Captain America: Patriot mini-series, JW? It was a four issue mini from not that long ago(maybe two years?) that detailed the life of the third Cap, and was pretty damn good. Like you I love the mythology of the Captain America characters and history, and that mini-series was made for people wanting to know more about the non-Steve Rogers Caps.