Sunday, January 29, 2012

Voodoo #5

So this is the first issue of this series without Ron Marz... I have to say, DC dropping Marz from this book greatly disappointed me because I thought he was slowly finding his groove here. But that's the way things seem to work in the new DCU... Writers change books seemingly every other issue. Oh well, let's see how Josh Williamson does. And let's see how long HE lasts on this book...

Voodoo #5:

Summary: Voodoo returns to the ship that brought her to Earth to send out the information about Earth's superhumans(she acquired that info last issue, fyi). Upon entering the ship she finds somebody waiting for her and we learn that Voodoo is a hybrid Daemonite, and that the guy in the ship was a full-blood Daemonite, who apparently hated hybrids... Um, huh... Anyway, the Daemonite goes to kill Voodoo, but she manages to use her... um, hybrid powers to kill the attacker. With that, she prepares to send out the information, but first takes a peek into the file to see what the government knew about her. In the file she learns that she was apparently a clone, and the real Voodoo was in government custody.

Thoughts: The hell?! This issue was......... something... I can't say I like the reveal that Voodoo was a hybrid Daemonite, mainly because we STILL don't know the full story behind the Daemonites yet(it's still unfolding in the pages of Grifter). And the ending? Terrible... It seemed like a really poor swerve simply done for the sake of swerving the readers. “Guess what? Voodoo is actually a CLONE!!!” Dun-dun-dun!!! The ending here just reeked of a forced move to try to raise interest at the expense of the story. And after reading what John Rozum had to say about his experiences writing Static Shock and how DC wanted to keep throwing out crazy ideas out at the expense of the story, I have a bad feeling that this series is going to become VERY light on the story and VERY heavy on the unexpected(and nonsensical) swerves...

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.
voodoo #5
So now Voodoo is a hybrid Daemonite or something... Riiiiiight...


  1. First, I was a little disappointed Voodoo was a clone.

    I thought the issue was okay. I kind of breezed through it. I can't get over the fact she's a clone...:-\

  2. Yeah, the clone thing just reeked of a pathetic swerve to me. I don't see how that'll add anything to the story.

    As for this issue, same here. It was okay, it was a quick read, but the ending really hurt it for me. It went from like a 6 1/2 or so to a 5 1/2 simply due to that last page.

  3. That seems to be the MO for all DC books. As long as there is some kind of "cliffhanger", they're happy, whether the story is any good or not.

  4. I really hope the next issue is better. With a ending like that.....VooDOo will be another one of those comics clinging on for dear life to continue to get picked up by me.

  5. Exactly, Vancelot. I don't know if you've read John Rozum's blog post regarding his time on the Static Shock series, but he pretty much says as much. That all his editor cared about was the insane cliffhangers, to the detriment of the story.

    I hear you, Lisha... This(like Grifter) is a series that I SO want to be great... I'm really pulling for the Wildstorm characters.