Sunday, January 1, 2012

Voodoo #4

And the last review for the first night of 2012? Voodoo #4. Why Voodoo? I'm not really sure... I kind of thought I put this comic a bit lower in my comic pile, but hey, it's here now, so let's take care of it!

Voodoo #4:

What Happened: Voodoo breaks in to the government facility that was keeping tabs on the various meta-humans running around the DCU. For those keeping count, they are secret government agency #7,875,396 of the new DCU... While Fallon, her boss and that Bolton guy talk about what they know about Voodoo(precious little!), Voodoo manages to get into a room that housed the main computer containing the information about the Earth's heroes, downloads it to a flashdrive and then proceeds to crash the system. Before she can escape though, Voodoo bumps into some guards and has to kill them, at which time the alarms in the building sound. Voodoo manages to take out the power to the building, which sends the staff into a panic, at which time she makes good her escape due to her shapeshifting abilities. And that's mainly that.

The Good: This comic had a very fast pace to it. It just sped along.

The Bad: While this comic had a great pace to it, I find myself caring very little for Voodoo and/or the various government goons looking for her... I mean seriously, are we supposed to like Voodoo? Hate her? Be confused by her? Four issues in I don't know how I feel about her, which is kind of weird. While the mystery surrounding Voodoo initially helped get me interested in this series, we need to know a little bit more about her and her motivations going forward, because right now I don't know if I should be cheering her or booing her.

The Verdict: This was an okay comic book. It moved along briskly, but it also had very little meat to it. Personality-wise I have little reason to feel connected to Voodoo or the government-types who are out to get her. This is the rare comic where I'm fine with the story but could care less about anybody in it one way or the other.

Score: 6 out of 10.Voodoo's up to something here...


  1. I will read this issue first and then return with a comment. This is another fav of mine. I actually want to have a conversation with you about this one. ;-)