Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Quick Look At... Hellblazer #287

Before I get to the next review, I just wanted to let it be known that this will be the only post I do tonight on account of me celebrating the Giants heading to the Super Bowl! What an awesome game tonight... Anyway, I won't be able to comment on anything today, but I do plan on posting a whopping four reviews tomorrow and two more on Tuesday to FINALLY get myself caught up. Oh, and it should go without saying that come February 5th? Super Bowl Sunday? I most definitely won't be online! With all of that out of the way, it's time to head to Vertigo and see what John Constantine is up to this month... If nothing else it should be insane... And have a lot of profanity!

Hellblazer #287:

What Happened: Having been blackmailed by his scummy niece, Gemma, Constantine heads to Hell in order to talk to his sister(Gemma's mother) to find out... something. I'm not sure, but bottom line, Constantine has to go to Hell in order to stop Gemma from sleeping with his father-in-law by chatting with his sis. While in Hell, Constantine bumps into a duplicitous demon and ends up being transported to a room holding all of the people whose lives he'd ruined. When he turns around, he's confronted by... The devil? Maybe? Another demon? I'm not really sure...

Thoughts: Besides my confusion over WHY Constantine is in Hell, and who that demon on the last page was, this was a good read. I know in the pre-reboot DCU, Blaze was inexplicably made into the devil over the FAR superior Neron, but post-reboot, and especially in the Vertigo books, I have NO idea what “their” devil looks like. So this could have been the devil, or some powerful demon Constantine pissed off during his last foray into Hell. Regardless, I'm definitely looking forward to the next issue.

Score: 7 out of 10.
hellblazer #287
Ah Constantine...



    I believe more his first comments published at Bleeding Cool, but I guess he has to protect his reputation and defend his contractors.

    marvel is now also canceling Moon Knight

  3. mmm, And congrats for the victory of your Giant's.

    You know Crhistos Gage is a big Pats fan? and before yesterday's game he stated on twitter that if Pat's lose the game he would quit comics, so I'm partially supporting the Pats now ;) but just to annoy you lol.

    Lol I haven't got idea of Football. The most similar sport to Football in my country is Rugby but I believe is pretty different to start with that Rugby is played without any protection.

  4. Wow, I had read the Bleeding Cool piece(JT e-mailed it to me), but I hadn't seen that post from Rozum's blog... It sounds like his editor, Richards and the artist, McDaniel, really screwed the poor guy over! I mean how do you, as the editor, allow the ARTIST to WRITE the comic book?! Why not let the WRITER write it?! Isn't that his job?! What a totally bizarre experience! It's too bad, because that was a series I was pulling for, and became the first new DC series I dropped. I'll tell you this much, I'll be keeping an eye open for anything with Scott McDaniel's name on it, and will have to think REALLY hard before I pick it up, since I'll always figure he's trying to force his way into the writing side of a comic. Maybe it's just me, but in my mind, a writer should write, and an artist should draw. Seems simple enough. And thanks for the congrats for my Giants! I was flying high after that win! A regular win is one thing, but a win in overtime, in the championship game, is EXTRA sweet! And I hate to say it, but Christos Gage may be my favorite writer in all of comics, but he's gonna be really sad come Feb. 5th! :P I've seen Rugby, and while it has a more physical edge to it than soccer(futbol), it's not really comparable to American football. I'd go on for paragraphs if I started to talk about football, so I'm not going to get started! Suffice to say, it's my favorite sport(with the Giants as my favorite team), followed by Hockey(with the Rangers as my favorite team).

    I'm actually surprised to read that, Movieartman... I figured with Bendis writing it Marvel would let Moon Knight continue. Maybe this will finally convince Marvel that Moon Knight just isn't a strong enough draw(at least not yet) to warrant his own series. On a team? Sure. In a mini? Why not. But this was like the 6th or 7th MK series, right? They need to try to get Moony over in a team book first before throwing him into a solo series next time. I think he's a great character when written properly, but he's not popular enough to support a solo, especially at $4!

  5. He says in the post that DC resolved the editor and McDaniels issue very well. I would like to know what exactly DC made to solve that, cuz the only one that quit the Job was Rozums. But the book is being axed maybe that is the solution, not changing the editor and the artist.

    For what I saw of Football it seems like more dynamic and tactic, and I feel it more modern than Rugby . Anyway my favorite sports are Soccer (Boca Juniors) and Basketball mostly for the national team I started watching the NBA when Ginobilli arrived to the Spurs

  6. HA, yeah, the only resolution I saw was the book getting canceled!

    Yep, Football is a very tactical game. Non-fans probably can't imagine that, since they just see guys in huge shoulder pads slamming into each other, but there is a ton of skill and strategy that goes into football, what with the play-calling, trying to counter what the other team is doing, that's probably one of my favorite things about the game, the strategy that goes into it. It's always fun trying to figure out what play your team should call, and then yelling at the TV when they call the opposite play! :P You guys won the bronze in basketball in the 08 Olympic games, right? I'm not a huge Basketball fan, but I do follow it somewhat, usually around playoff time. I really don't have a favorite team though.